Patriotism remembered is my crying mother singing with all her heart “God bless America” and praying wholeheartedly every word.

Here is one of our videos – truly a prayer that God will light up the USA and the world with His love!

My mother wrote this poem many years ago and I share it with you today…

Come with me to a long ago place
Deep in the Heart of the West Virginia Hills
To a coal miners shack at the bottom of Bear Mountain
What’s that I hear!
A sound so sweet.
A young blonde girl singing all alone “Jesus Loves Me”
Sitting among the sunflowers, roses, and zinnias
As true a Cathedral as there ever was.
Thanking God for the many blessings He bestows
Feeling a closeness that is still remembered down through these years.

Many things have changed
The girl grew up,
Married early at 17, in 1949,
Had six children from 1952-1970
Four children lived and graduated from high school and college
Even she, would you believe, graduated too.
A bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology,
An associate degree in criminal science justice,
One more class and she will have a bachelor of science.

But really, what good is education?
Is it really worth all one must put into it to graduate?