See this little girl… it is me… Vonda. I was happy with the love of a warm family. I was wounded too by the pain of my parent’s divorce, very challenging asthma where I was prescribed steroids which caused me to gain weight greatly after this. Some kids at my school were nice at times, but I was regularly mocked by many. I was taught of the love of Jesus at a very young age.  My mother knew that I was bullied, made fun of, and ignored often… but she told me to always trust in Jesus and pray for others. So at a young age… I learned that Jesus will always be your best best friend!  If we accept Christ as our Saviour and Lord… He will be our BEST Friend. Life still has its ups and downs, but Jesus will always be my BFF! Enjoy this sweet children’s song which is a great truth for all ages! Sing along with Selah and I! Put in the names of your dear friends… but remember Jesus… will always be your Best FRIEND!