Free from Chains

Wow, I hate the idea of being confined or chained. When I was a little girl… once I put on a belt and it was too tight. We tried to take the belt off of me, but the belt was stuck on me. Being stuck in that belt, made me feel so upset. One time I went through a Vacation Bible School cardboard box long tunnel. My daughter teased me and begged me to crawl through the tunnel at the end of the VBS, so I began to crawl. In the middle of the tunnel, I found out that it was very very small. This upset me so that I was stuck that I broke the cardboard tunnel. My daughter teased me as she knew it got small. Being stuck is a terrible feeling! Being stuck in SIN is the worst feeling! But please join for this Bible lesson, “Free from Chains” and we will learn how we can be set free from the chains of sin! Hooray Jesus! Holy Hugs!