I love to watch artists working! It is beautiful to see a painter finish a lovely oil painting. It is amazing to see a sculptor work with clay and mold & make into a jar or piece of artwork. Woodworkers can use knives and tools to chip away the part of the wood that is not needed to make a lovely woodcarving.  Paint is blended and some wiped away to make a great painting Clay is molded and some thrown away to make a precious clay art piece. Wood is chipped away to make a wonderful woodwork craft. God is our creator. He made each of us beautiful. But because we have all sinned & we need Jesus to forgive us and continue His artwork in our lives. Just like the whittler (woodcarver) videotaped in this song works with the wood, we need to welcome God to change our lives and take away the bad, sin, or not useful things in our lives and become more like Jesus. Enjoy this song… Chippin’ Away.. and let Jesus work on your heart!