BEAUTIFUL! PSALM 27:4 “I ask only one thing from the Lord.
    This is what I want:
Let me live in the Lord’s house
    all my life.
Let me see the Lord’s beauty
    and look with my own eyes at His Temple.”


Bold! Jesus was Bold in so many ways! Jesus was bold to love! Jesus was bold enough to love and confront sin too as we see in the story in Jon 2:13-16 when he turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple. 

John 2:13-16

When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover Feast, Jesus went to Jerusalem. 14 In the Temple he found people selling cattle, sheep, and doves. He saw others sitting at tables, exchanging different kinds of money. 15 Jesus made a whip out of cords and forced all of them, both the sheep and cattle, to leave the Temple. He turned over the tables and scattered the money of those who were exchanging it. 16 Then he said to those who were selling pigeons, “Take these things out of here! Don’t make my Father’s house a place for buying and selling!”