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Emmanuel! God is with us! We want to share His word and the truth that He is with us. We use our facial expressions, mime and American Sign Language to share our Christian ministry with the Deaf community. It is our goal to have our hearts overflow with God’s compassion, with expressions of love. Please pray, give and serve with Expressions of Emmanuel. How you can Help:

  • Donate – Help Expressions of Emmanuel bring the word of God to the Deaf community.
  • Internship – We welcome applicants for our summer internship. Contact us today to apply.

Our prayer is that the Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people everywhere will realize that God loves them. Through our Christian ministry, facilitated by Hillcrest Christian Church, we bring the word of God to the Deaf community.
Do not be afraid of them: the Lord of your God himself will fight for you: Deuteronomy 3:22
May God bless us all as we seek to know Him better and serve Him in 2015.