interns 2015We are so excited about your interest in an internship with Expressions of Emmanuel. We are happy to offer most internships during the summer, although we have the potential to schedule an internship during the spring or fall. The summer internship will typically extend from June to August. Please contact us if you have any circumstances that require a different schedule. We are praying for God to raise up a team to mightily serve the Lord. Come prepared to serve in the mission office, with the Deaf community, and possibly learn/help with editing Bible lessons and Christian songs in sign language. Some interns will only want to work with video editing and shooting exclusively. Others may just want to focus on Deaf ministry outreaches. While other interns will desire to be involved in both videography and Deaf ministry outreaches. Include the area of mission work that is your preferred focus in your application.

We have 2 types of video editing internships programs available:

1. Video editing and shooting of songs with no learning of
sign language. It is possible to edit song videos without sign language knowledge due to the fact of the repetition of the chorus.
2. Video editing and video shooting while learning sign language. In this program
You will be editing songs, and possibly Bible lessons depending upon your sign language fluency.

If you have never done videography work before, Steve Hamilton will be instructing you on editing and shooting.
Steve is a graduate of Vincennes University, A.S. Broadcast Production.
From 1988-2006 – Steve was active in the Commercial production of TV commercials, newscasts, editing, videography, writing and newscast and camera operations. Last 12 years full-time missionary work in video production, teaching videography and editing to interns.

At EOE we have 340 songs videotaped as well as even more Bible lessons, but much editing is necessary for these to be produced and distributed to the Deaf. We also need to do more songs & Bible devotional shoots. At EOE we need interns who want to learn to edit and those who know editing and want to serve and expand their editing experience. Steve & Vonda Hamilton will be devoted to guiding you in this mission learning experience. EOE looks forward to you serving the Lord in our internship program. Please contact us for more information about the internship!

The internship is unpaid but includes:

  • Room and board
  • Sign Language classes
  • Fulfilling missionary work
  • College credit where applicable

Internship Application Guidelines