Medical Plea
Vonda and Steve Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

Here is an urgent personal message from Steven and Vonda Hamilton. Please click on the following link for the short message, regarding Vonda’s condition.

Click Here to Play Video

What can you do?

Churches: If you could, please share this message with your congregation or church groups and take a special love offering? Please share this link with friends’ other churches and groups. If you wish to do an Expressions of Emmanuel Facebook fundraiser, that would be great also. If your church comes up with any ideas on how to help raise funds for this medical cause, please let us know.

Individuals: Could you please share this link with your church, friends, and groups you know? You can share on Facebook or do an Expressions of Emmanuel Facebook fundraiser. If you have any ideas on how to raise the funds for this medical need, please let us know.

URGENT: On Feb. 23, 2022 – They both start medicinal and supplemental IV’s today. In order to continue with the treatment plan, they must be able to pay up front. It is very important that the funds come in quickly and continue coming in – so that the treatment plan can continue.

How to Give – you can give in a few different ways:

Venmo: The profile is under Vonda Hamilton (@expressionsofemmanuel). When giving via Venmo app please indicate the reason behind the gift (ex. medical treatment).

Zelle: The account is under Expressions of Emmanuel, and the phone number attached to it is (903)449.6893.

Check: You can mail a check for Expressions of Emmanuel with “medical donations” in the memo line to P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439.

Our Website: The website at has a Medical Donation button where you can give. While this is a good option, a 2.9% + .30 cents processing fee is removed from the amount given.Click here to donate.

When you give a gift to Expressions of Emmanuel on any of these platforms you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Please be sure to flag your gift as a medical donation. Please let us know your mailing address and name so we can mail you an end of year receipt.

Please note if you give monthly, this medical donation needs to be separate from the monthly giving. We still need to keep Expressions of Emmanuel (EOE) going as we have many projects that we are continuing. Many friends and our advisory board members have stepped up to help with EOE projects, so that we can continue to reach the Deaf and hearing for Christ. Vonda and Steven will be working on books, videos, and reaching the Deaf in the Phoenix area for Christ as they are able while receiving the treatments. We still have plans to do the DeafNation World Expo – July 31 – Aug 4, 2022; and when possible, VBS’s and Camps.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kirk at 918-698-4746 call or text. Her email is

Thank you and God Bless, Holy Hugs

Steven and Vonda Hamilton

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