Weekly Update and Prayer Needs

Much love and thanks to you all for your prayers, encouragement, and help towards my medical needs. Your love, prayers, and help are still needed.

Right now, Steve and I are getting chemo at the same time. We also both have chemo on Thursday. I have been having very low blood pressure. Please pray for a good normal level. Steve has had some constant vertigo problems for 2 weeks. He will have a brain MRI on Thursday. Please pray for no tumors on the brain and for the vertigo to go away. Steve has had a lot vomiting in response to chemo. He only needs 6 weeks of treatment. Please pray for his body to handle chemo better. (2X weekly)

We are so happy to have Selah and Nate here with our 9-week-old grandson – Nehemiah John. They are here to help and cheer us on. They will stay until right before Easter. One of my longest and dearest friends, Norma King, will come to visit and help from April 18th to the 22nd. We are thankful for our family and friends. We are thankful for you! Holy Hugs. We hope to see Steve’s older brother, Thomas, and his friend Cyndy on Saturday. “Mama Auntie Ruth Graham” hosted us when we first arrived and continues to welcome us to stop by sometimes for doing laundry, therapeutic baths, editing help on my third book, & her amazing tender loving care and cooking. Hope to visit with her next week. We want to thank my brother Emeory, and my brother-in-law Ernie for bring the 5th wheel to Arizona so we have housing so thankful for both of them.

We also enjoyed sharing at Plummer’s Deaf Bible Study a few weeks ago. They prayed for us.

God Bless, Steven and Vonda Hamilton


OUR BOOKS “Letting the Cat out of the Bag” and “As Easy as 123 No Gray Area” have been approved and winners in competition at STORYMONSTERS.COM

We placed in the following categories:
Both books in – Picture Books ages 3-8
Letting the Cat out of the Bag – First Time Author
As Easy as 123 No Gray Area – Spirituality & Religion

Remember these books make great presents – Easter, Birthdays, Special Gifts, and just fun to give and see the excitement on the faces of the children as they learn about the Lord and sign language.

Purchase at this time and let us know if it be to support EOE or Medical Donation. Please Note for the book “As Easy as 123 No Gray Area” the DVD will be shipped separate when it is completed, but start enjoying the book now.

Jesus and Alexander the Great

Jesus and Alexander both died at thirty-three.
One lived and died for self, the other for you and me.
One led vast armies forth, the other walked alone.
One shed a whole world’s blood, the other shed His own.
One gained all in life to lose it all in death.
The other gave up His life to win the world’s faith.

Jesus and Alexander both died at thirty-three.
One died in Babylon, the other on Calvary.
One gained all for himself, the other Himself He gave.
One conquered every throne, the other every grave.
One made himself a god, the God made Himself less.
One lived but to blast, the other lived to bless.

Jesus and Alexander both died at thirty-three.
One lived to make men slaves, the other died to set us free.
One built a throne on blood, the other built on LOVE.
One was born of earth, the other from above.
One gained all the earth to lose both earth and heaven.
The other gave up all that all to Him be-given.

Alexander’s kingdom perished, as do all built by swords.
Christ’s kingdom is living yet, for He is Lord of Lords.

In a day when military might is being exalted, the above poem from the pen of Charles Ross Weede should help to remind us that there is a power mightier than the sword.

Preacher’s Clinic, September 14, 1960 – Ozark Bible College By President Don Earl Boatman. Now known as Ozark Christian College.

How to Give – you can give in a few different ways:

Venmo: The profile is under Vonda Hamilton (@expressionsofemmanuel). When giving via Venmo app please indicate the reason behind the gift (ex. medical treatment).

Zelle: The account is under Expressions of Emmanuel, and the phone number attached to it is (903)449.6893.

Check: You can mail a check for Expressions of Emmanuel with “medical donations” in the memo line to P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439.

Our Website: The website at expressionsofemmanuel.com has a Medical Donation button where you can give. While this is a good option, a 2.9% + .30 cents processing fee is removed from the amount given.Click here to donate.

When you give a gift to Expressions of Emmanuel on any of these platforms you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Please be sure to flag your gift as a medical donation. Please let us know your mailing address and name so we can mail you an end of year receipt.

Please note if you give monthly, this medical donation needs to be separate from the monthly giving. We still need to keep Expressions of Emmanuel (EOE) going as we have many projects that we are continuing. Many friends and our advisory board members have stepped up to help with EOE projects, so that we can continue to reach the Deaf and hearing for Christ. Vonda and Steven will be working on books, videos, and reaching the Deaf in the Phoenix area for Christ as they are able while receiving the treatments. We still have plans to do the DeafNation World Expo – July 31 – Aug 4, 2022; and when possible, VBS’s and Camps.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kirk at 918-698-4746 call or text. Her email is sharon.kirk07@yahoo.com.

Thank you and God Bless, Holy Hugs

Steven and Vonda Hamilton

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