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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who pray for and support EOE!
Love, Steven & Vonda Hamilton & The Kirks

Celebrating 2021, Preparing for 2022
Outreach Projects in the
Midst of Pandemic

Book 1—”Letting the Cat out of the Bag” is availablefor purchase on our website.
Book 2— “As Easy as 123 no Gray Area” is ready forPre-sale, waiting on DVD to accompany book inearly 2022.

Steve completed short and long promotionalvideos.

Samantha Smith finished all the artwork book 2and the cover for book 3 (“Gone Bananas while staying Cool as a Cucumber Learning Fruit and vegetable Idiom’s with ASL”).

Debbie Chan completed a lovely book cover for he book about Cloudi; “It’s not “Cloudy, It’s Cloudi!”Debbie will be doing the illustrations for this book.

Vonda did Christian book writing and articles along with Christian blogs.

Vonda taught at the “Breakthrough CornerChristian Deaf Women’s Online Bible Study with anaverage of 40-65 women attending.

Vonda attended the Caroline Christian Writer’sConference online and the online Write2IgniteChristian Writers Conference.

Steve, Vonda, and Selah did a Deaf VBS at Compass Christian Church.

Vonda, Steve, Selah, and Nate did VBS for Deaf and Hearing at Hillcrest Christian Church.

Steven taught video editing to those who also attended Vonda’s sign language classes.
Steven, Vonda and Ladell and Sharon Kirk had a booth at Allen, Texas for the “Called to TeachHomeschool Convention.”

Cloudi joined the Ochs family and mission team in May/June as they returned to Ghana to minister with many Deaf and Hearing people. We are thankful that EOE could send DVDs and tracts to help the people there.

: IRVING, TX. EOE had a booth with our outreach team: Tim & Janie Huff, Nate &Selah Massey, Cloudi Bland, Angie Young, AlyssaRoberts, and Jimmy Richardson. A big outreach!

Hope International University:
Vonda received the Distinguished Alumni Award in honor of her work with the Deaf and children’s books. This publicity is helpful in getting the word out.

EOE VBS Curriculum:
Missouri (Willow Springs VBS, Higbee Randolph County CommunityChapel VBS, Pomona Rock Garden Christian Service Special Needs Camp)
Becky Martin and Sarah Crosswhite (advisory council members) and their family members shared the EOE VBS curriculum at these wonderful VBS and Camp programs.

SEPTEMBER Deaf Awareness Month:
Becky Martin put out donation jars for EOE around Willow Springs, Mountainview, Cabooland the Christian Campus Houses in West Plains and in Springfield.
Sharon Kirk asked Trinity Baptist Church in Grove, OKLA to help with Deaf AwarenessMonth and the church & church members really got involved in the giving.

, Sharon Kirk spoke at Racine Christian Church in Racine, Missouri to their senior group luncheon, explaining about EOE’s work and shared a slide presentation.

Steven and Vonda started Deaf and Hearing Children’s Sunday School class &Children’s Worship with sign language/English, at First Christian Church in Bonham, TX; this is each Sunday that they are not out on the road for EOE.

There are many outreaches that EOE does but too numerous to list. A few examples are: giving DVD’s to the Deaf, seeing that the books get into the hands of libraries and schools, helping people in need, and giving God’s love and encouragement to those who are hurting.

At this time it is very difficult to plan for 2022 due to the mandates in regard to the pandemic. We plan on continuing projects started in 2021 that will be completed in 2022. We plan on attending conferences for the Deaf and Hearing and Homeschool conferences.

DeafNation World Expo
is currently scheduled for July 31– Aug. 4, 2022, in Las Vegas. Reaching communities with the books and witnessing at weekend bazaars, craft shows, libraries, and other events is key. During this pandemic, we have learned in 2021 that people are staying home and becoming more involved in what their local community is doing.

End of Year Giving

As we close out the end of a year and wait in anticipation for the next year to begin, we often find ourselves in moments of contemplation. We consider what we accomplished, learned, and gained from the past year and we map out our course for the next. Maybe there is something you’d like to do differently going into the next year. One thing I’ve never heard someone say is “I wish I’d have given less this past year.” Giving in an altruistic manner is beneficial to an individual and it helps those given to as well. Expressions of Emmanuel is a non-profit organization that partners with those in the Deaf community to make Jesus known.

There are an estimated 1-2% of Christians within the Deaf community so the need is great. Actually, there are only a few groups that focus on this particular population and even fewer groups do what EOE does. This ministry uses the acronym VOW to describe their work: V (Video), O (Outreach), and W (WritingProjects). Expressions of Emmanuel has completed over 20 unique DVDs filled with Bible teachings and Christian songs in ASL and English for a variety of age groups. Additionally, this ministry has a base stateside but they travel across the US and internationally as well to reach the Deaf population—although Covidhas proved to make traveling difficult in this season. They have upped their online engagement to reach those who have been isolated during this season. Writing projects have been a main focal point of their ministry as of late. Vonda has begun writing books, and two of her books are printed and available to the public. Both of those ASL Idiom books for children are available for purchase on the website These books are educational, Biblical, and ASL is present throughout the pages. There are three more books that are close to being completed but there is a need for funding. Would you consider sponsoring one of the new books that needs to be published?

We challenge you to help us make Christ known in the Deaf community. You won’t regret it!

As the holiday festivities are coming to an end and we have received gifts and spent time with loved ones; I hope we’ve come to appreciate the fact that while gifts are nice it’s people who matter and truly add value to our lives.

Your end-of-year gift matters and I hope you’ll consider partnering with EOE to engage these people groups who need the opportunity to know Jesus. May we love big, dream big, and give big in this new year! Thank you for your generosity and support.

Don’t forget that you can P
re-order book 2 now and receive a gift
certificate to give as a gift. Go to our store on the web at
EXPRESSIONSOFEMMANUEL.COM and place your orders for Christmas,
special events, for teaching, or just for the enjoyment of reading!


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The Living Expression

In the beginning, the Living Expression was already there.
And the Living Expression was with God, yet fully God.
They were together—face-to-face, in the very beginning.
And through his creative inspiration,
this Living Expression made all things,
for nothing has existence apart from him!
A fountain of life was in him,
for his life is light for all humanity.
And this Light never fails to shine through the darkness—
The light that darkness could not overcome!

Listen! A virgin will be pregnant,
she will give birth to a Son,
and he will be known as
which means in Hebrew,
“God became one of us.”

John 1: 1-5 & Matthew 1:23
The Passion Translation

Looking forward to partnering with you
in the New Year,


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