Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Expressions of Emmanuel’s writing projects, and my very first book, ‘Letting the Cat Out the Bag Learning ABC Idioms with ASL’. The book was shipped to me in mid-January, but we completed the two hour and fifty-minute video curriculum in March. The book has a DVD and or a QR code that leads to a digital video which shares fun educational training about idioms, sign language, and Scripture.
This book is great for Deaf and Hearing children.  Many English Second Language speakers, as well as Deaf and Hearing adults that have reviewed the book and love it. See some of their reviews below. Why idioms? My Deaf daughter, Cloudi, learned the meaning of the idiom, “cold feet”. Cloudi said, “Mom, so if someone has ‘cold feet’ that means that they are afraid to get married”. So ‘hot feet ‘ means that you excited to get married right?????  What a smart girl! But ‘hot feet’ doesn’t normally mean to be excited to get married! This book wants ” to let the cat out of the bag” which means “let the secrets be known” about idioms! Come and learn ABC idioms!
See the book promo:

My prayer is that this book and video will educate and touch the lives of children and their families.
I’m writing to ask you to please help to share this important book by being a part of the book’s “LAUNCH PARTY” and doing these three things.

1) On June 15th, will you please post a message on your Facebook page and other social media announcing the release of ‘Letting the Cat out of the Bag’ and sending them to the book’s Facebook Page: Books with Vonda EOE.

2) Will you post this ‘Letting the Cat out of the Bag’ promo links on your Facebook page, website, and other social media?
Longer promo: (10 minutes)
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Will you also post the Expressions of Emmanuel website address to buy the book & curriculum, placemats, and more:

3) Will you please buy a copy of ‘Letting the Cat out of Bag Learning ABC Idioms with ASL’ at store for yourself and your family?

We will hold a live launch party on Facebook Live on June 17, at 7 p.m. (CST) Please join me and my daughter, Selah as we chat about this new book and video.

Thank you for your help in sharing about this fun, colorful, educational, Biblically sound, and spiritually encouraging book that is filled with sign language curriculum for Deaf and Hearing children of all ages.

Vonda Bland Hamilton


Wonderful book filled with truth from God’s Word about Jesus and His love. Fun! Great illustrations. Great way to learn idioms and sign language! Great for children and adults alike. Golden book in our library! A treasure!
Christina Villegas, mother of 3 daughters (5, 8, & 10)

Brilliantly written. Charmingly illustrated. Such an engaging approach to learn idioms.
Miss Sherry, Elementary teacher at a deaf school

Fun pictures and bright illustrations make this book engaging for all ages, all while teaching Biblical truth. A great character-building book! A win for this mom of 4!  Kelleigh Compton

Bright, clever, and fun, this book captivates my toddler from
the very first page! The way that Vonda Bland Hamilton has tied in Scripture with sign and idioms has made this a book that our family will be able to enjoy and use for years to come! Lindsey Baker, mother of a toddler and one on the way!

I highly recommend this book for yourself as well as a gift for your family and friends. Wonderful Bible lessons for children as well as adults. Beautifully colored pictures on every page which includes a DVD and or digital access to almost three hours of teaching. I just started learning ASL, and I am learning many signs from the book and the video. Best book purchase I have ever made!  Fun learning!5 out of 5 stars!
Debbie Chan, sign language student, online educator, artist

Excellent book!! One of the best books for children, Deaf and hearing alike. I even believe that this will help adults learn about idioms. The cleverest book ever! It incorporates idioms with letters!  I have known the author for 30 years. Her unwavering faith has helped her weather the storms and reach out to children and adults with God’s Word and Christ’s love. Vonda’s book will also remind us that God still cares. Great book for personal and school libraries.
Minerva Allard, Deaf, Well-educated with a Master of Christian School Administration