Expressions of Emmanuel appreciates your faithful support in 2020. Since Covid-19 arrived our lives have also changed. We have not been able to go out and do many outreaches, but we have been able to refocus and reach many Deaf for Christ.

We have been busy working on social media outreaches, making DVDs, training 8 local young people to sign, training 6 to edit EOE videos, and focusing upon writing two books with a Scripture and Bible focus. We pray that the books will reach people for Christ and help us raise some much-needed mission support.

I have written a Christian children’s book that will be great for both Deaf and Hearing children. Check out our pictures of the cover and a few of the illustrated pages, this is just a sample. The book will be landscape orientation and 9 X 11 ¼ inches with a hardback cover. It will have 52 full color pages with Scripture and a Biblical focus accompanying every idiom. Deaf people haven’t heard idioms, so they often aren’t familiar with idioms. So, this will be a treat for the Deaf of all ages as well Hearing children & their families. We believe that the desire for the Deaf to learn idioms will draw many nonbelievers to be exposed to God’s Word and a good base of theology. OUR ARTIST (Samantha Smith) has completed the artwork for this book this week. She has done beautiful artwork. Please pray for this book project.

Would you like to help sponsor a book? We will be listing in the front inside cover the sponsors if you want. The cost for this hard cover 56 pages full color book is $11,776.22 for 1000 copies. We have a signed contract with our publisher and the first book will be arriving at the publisher by the week of Nov. 23rd. (PRAISE GOD THIS BOOK IS NOW PAID FOR) thank you all. Thanks to LATM and many others for their support of this book. Thanks to Sam, Martha, Chan White, and family for their support of this book. The Whites gave in memory of Bertis White, their beloved father and husband, a precious man of God.

I have written another book about idioms entitled “As Easy as 1 2 3: No Gray Area Number and Color Idioms with ASL”.  (This is also a hard cover /56 page / 52 pages illustrated at the total cost of $12,456.22 for 1000 books). The artist is ready to begin the second book the week of Nov. 16, 2020. Both of the books will have sign language drawn on all the pages. There will be a complementary DVD and video site (accessed with a QR code) where there will be sign language and voice explanations of every page. The video will be very visually charged to help make the idiom and Scripture meaning clear. The video will help both Deaf and Hearing children to learn sign language as well. This book is geared towards Kindergarten & Elementary school children.  We believe that this book will be a great evangelistic and discipleship tool. We are thrilled to share a book with a great Biblical foundation for children. Please prayerfully consider if and how you can help. God bless you! If you would like to support this project please Donate Here

Besides writing the two books and the sign language and editing classes, we have been reorganizing the mission house and offices. First Christian Church of Bonham has graciously allowed us to store our DVDs as well as props and costumes at their church. Being better organized has been so helpful.

Becky Martin worked very hard with Steve and I to update and expand the EOE Faces of Forgiveness VBS program to make it a complete VBS curriculum.

On our social media – We post 4 times weekly utilizing emails, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (53 pages). From October 14 to November 10, we have 8605 people exposed to our Facebook alone. During this last month, we have had 2084 people engage with our posts.

We have 5 young ladies and one (11yr old) boy (Buck) learning editing and they are all doing a great job. Steve works with each one and is there monitoring and answering questions with each editing that is done and completed. Isaac Darrah (Deaf teenager) is working on editing on songs remotely from Chicago, IL, we are also communicating with him via facetime. He is also doing wonderful work.

Steve has completed 2 devotional videos – “LOW: Love, Obey, Worship” and “Where? in the Shepherds Arms!”. These will be available in late 2020. Currently we are working on a song DVD: “Heart Under Construction”. Our newest Advisory Board member Jodi Williams will be working along with our other board member Kathy Christophel on music licensing.

We have all day and evening classes on Fridays. One family of 3, two adult ladies, and 5 teenage girls are involved in our classes. Others are interested in joining.

On October 24, 2020, we had our Advisory Board meeting, this year it was held in Grove, OK., at Trinity Baptist Church. By meeting in Grove, OK where Sharon and Ladell Kirk live, it made it possible for 3 of our ladies in Missouri to come for the Board Meeting. Our next board meeting will be in April in Grove, OK. We want to thank everyone who came to the Advisory meeting and what a wonderful afternoon to get to visit, update, and make plans for the future of EOE. We are thankful for are Board and all that they do for EOE.

On October 25, 2020 we spoke at Lakeview Christian Church in Mannford, OK. We so thankful for their generosity.

The ICOM (International Conference on Missions) will be online. Steven and Vonda have an hour-long online workshop.


  • Steven’s update: Taking Chemo every 3 weeks. Last April, Steven had two places light up with either inflammation or two tiny spots of cancer. We just got good news on Steven’s PET scan done on Nov. 18th, that the Sacrum shows no signs of cancer and the T-11 does not light up as much as on the April scan.
  • Steven and Vonda both are taking physical therapy.
  • Vonda is under the care of a dietitian for Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  • Pray for Nate and Selah as they move into their new home and for the great ministry at HCC.
  • Pray for Andres as he is working for Amazon and living in the Houston area.
  • Cloudi is teaching a Deaf Bible Study on Friday evenings. She is also helping our friends care for their Deaf father. Please pray for her.


Of course, like everything in 2020 so goes 2021 depending on the Covid-19 virus. But currently we are planning on attending the DeafNation World in Las Vegas, in July, 2021.

Continue writing projects and a 3rd book.

Editing Videos for songs and Bible Stories

Sign language classes

EOE VBS online and onsite for summer 2021.

We have many more things to accomplish to reach the Deaf while we are living under the Covid-19 requirements. On Feb. 26, 2021 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Vonda will be the Bible teacher for the Breakthrough Corner Virtual Deaf Women’s Study Group.

Steve with 2 of the girls during editing classes.

Jodi Williams (Jodi just joined our Advisory Board in Oct. 2020) and her children.


We want to thank each and everyone of you who have provided support this year and in the past.
With the many projects we have – we are always in need of support. If you still need to fulfill all of your 2020 giving – please keep Expressions of Emmanuel in mind – the End of Year is always a good time to give a special gift for Jesus’s Birthday. End of Year offering always helps give us a jump start for the year and how we can plan to reach the Deaf for Christ.



But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of HIM who called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light;


Book Cover

Page 1

Page 2 Each of the letters of the alphabet from A-Z will have an idiom.

Page 51

Page 52

To pre-order the book you can do the following:

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Expressions of Emmanuel uses Video, Outreach, and Writing projects to share Jesus with the Deaf. We praise God for you and your support of EOE. I pray that you will partner with us regularly so that we can continue and expand the work of Expressions of Emmanuel. Will you please pray, give, and serve to help us bring God’s light to the Deaf?

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We need support to be able to get the 2nd book published, it will be ready for publisher at the beginning of the year. Need end of year donations for taxes? Please consider giving for the book or EOE in general. We may not be traveling – but we still have just as many expenses now as before Covid-19, with new projects to reach the Deaf for Christ.


With our New Website it is really easy to donate. Click Here to Donate. VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. On the “memo line” please put what it is for: example “EOE” or “Sponsor DVD” or “EOE Steve Med,” or mail to the following address: Expressions of Emmanuel, P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439 Or Chase QuickPay. This money will go into our Mission Account. Use Steve email address hamilton.steven@gmail.com.
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Love in Jesus,
Steven & Vonda Hamilton and family,
Missionaries with the Deaf,
Expressions of Emmanuel

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