Dearest Friends, I am writing to you, because I believe YOU could join us and help us in sharing the love of Jesus with the Deaf in Las Vegas from July 12-17. We are excited to have a team of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Christians join together in sharing Jesus with the Deaf Community. Will you prayerfully consider joining us? If you are hearing, it an absolutely important rule to know that while at the booth and among the Deaf community, you must sign at all times. If some hearing people join our team that are new signers, we would want them to just sign the necessary things to share at the booth and leave deeper conversations to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and more advanced Hearing signers. Every person is so important in this work! We will give away free tracts (small Bible booklets) and a DVD to every person that stops at the booth. It is estimated that 50, 000 Deaf people will gather in Las Vegas for the DeafNation World. We will send an instructional DVD with sign language needed for the booth to all members who decide to join the team. Below you can see our 2020 vision DVD. Attached is an expense guide for the trip, a medical consent form, short term mission trip policy form and an attachment entitled “Becky” which is support letter that you can use as a a guide for your support raising if you need to raise support to be a part of this mission outreach. Please contact us and let us know if you can join us! We need Christians who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are seeking to love and obey Jesus and His Word! Will you join us? Please pray and consider if God is calling you to come and serve. Many workers are needed!

Yes, Steve is going thru medical treatments, but we see that God is sustaining and healing him. We praise God and we believe that this will be the greatest Deaf outreach so far. Please join us in prayer that hearts will come to know Jesus! We love you! Holy Hugs!

Love in Jesus,
Steven and Vonda Hamilton, missionaries with Expressions of Emmanuel 903.449.6328