Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It was so good to SEE you this year. Expressions of Emmanuel so enjoyed sharing with you about the need for the Deaf to SEE and know the Good News of Jesus. Our desire is to reach out to the masses of Deaf people with the gospel. There are millions upon millions of Deaf people and only one to two percent are Christians. Expressions of Emmanuel uses Video, Outreach, and Writing projects to share Jesus with the Deaf. We praise God for you and your support of EOE. I pray that you will partner with us regularly so that we can continue and expand the work of Expressions of Emmanuel. Will you please pray, give, and serve to help us bring God’s light to the Deaf? 2020 holds many opportunities to share Christ in the Deaf Community. From July 12-16, we have the opportunity to reach out to 50,000 Deaf people in Las Vegas at the DeafNation World Expo. We need to produce more videos, prepare tracts, recruit people, transport people and materials, and be there to share God’s light in the darkness. We need prayers. We need financial support to provide for the expenses of the outreach and others. We also need support to help with very necessary medical insurance that just had a $400-dollar monthly increase. We want the Deaf to SEE JESUS! WE want them to have 20/20 vision of our Lord and Savior! Will your church, Sunday School classes, small groups, individuals or families join Expressions of Emmanuel in our 20/20 vision partnership?. We need your help! Will you please join us? God bless you! We love you! Holy Hugs!


With our New — Website it is really easy to donate. Click Here to Donate. VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. On the “memo line” please put what it is for: example “EOE” or “Sponsor DVD” or “EOE Steve Med,” or mail to the following address: Expressions of Emmanuel, P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439 Or Chase QuickPay. This money will go into our Mission Account. Use Steve email address
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Love in Jesus,
Steven & Vonda Hamilton and family,
Missionaries with the Deaf,
Expressions of Emmanuel