Dear Christian Family,

Update on needs for Steven Hamilton and Expressions of Emmanuel.

I have known Vonda for over 23 years and for the past 2 1/2 years doing almost all of their Administrative/accounting work.  In so doing I have seen the challenges of health and finances that they go thru on a daily basis, still serving Our LORD full time.  It is very important that Steven continues to get the needed care so that he can continue to serve the Lord which is his greatest desire.  Expressions of Emmanuel is a very special ministry and I truly do not know of another one just like it to reach the Deaf.

In researching (and many hours Vonda has spent on that– and many Doctors) it has come to our attention that a very needed shot is available that has helped many people with cancer.  The cost for this type of new medicine is an expense–but then what price does one put on reaching the Deaf for Christ.

The cost is $526.00 per shot which is needed every 5 -7 days. The doctor feels that Steven will need possibly upwards of 9 months of shots. The cost would then be 39 shots which would equal $20,514.00 for the nine months. There is one other medicine that he needs to be taking it is $6,500.00 for 6 months. On the personal side, the mission house taxes are due in the amount of $2,680.00. The total due for medical and taxes is appx.  $29,694.00.

I know that they and Expressions of Emmanuel would be grateful for help with this medical needs and taxes, and many Deaf souls that can be saved by their ministry.

You can give thru their website, which has everything setup for Giving Tuesday with PayPal, or just use your credit card, or you can always mail to Expressions of Emmanuel, P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439.

Sincerely and God Bless

Sharon Kirk