SEPT. – OCT., 2018

We, with Expressions of Emmanuel are thankful for you! Thanks for your love, prayers, and support. Thanks for your mission support of ……… Your gifts, prayers, & partnership are enabling us to share the love of Christ with the Deaf.

Just two weeks before Selah’s wedding, we found out that Steve had small cancerous cyst on his spine. (T1) He needed five radiation treatments. Praise God that Steve was able to walk her down the aisle and dance with her. The wedding of Nate and Selah was beautiful. We are so thankful to all who helped and loaned items. It was a God honoring event! We are so happy to have Nate as our son- in- law. After their wedding, Selah became very ill (colitis, UTI, and a sinus infection). Nate has faithfully cared for her. Selah is doing much better. Please continue to pray for them and for her to continue to be strengthened. We enjoyed helping with preparation for the wedding. We were unable to financially assist them much with the wedding expenses, but we tried to help with preparation for their wedding, and their new apartment. We stayed at their new home for a few weeks helping. We were able to fellowship with the Deaf Ministry team at Compass Christian and discuss potential future outreaches. With Steve just completing radiation treatments, I really wanted to be by his side and yet help our sweet daughter and her dear husband. Staying in the area was blessing, so that I could do both!

Signs of Love Deaf Church in Hot Springs, AR Outreach!! September 15-27

On September 15, Steve had a rough day, but we sensed God leading us to GO! We are thankful for Judy Hernandez who drove the truck and 5th wheel. This enabled me to drive Steve comfortably in the minivan. We parked behind the Signs of Love Church. We are thankful for Brother Michau and his wife and the leadership of this church that warmly welcomed us!

DEAF CHURCH: We were able to share in five worship services: Bible teaching, worship leading, special Signed music (Shelby & Vonda sharing), dramas, Steve’s “Obey the Master: John 14:15 Dog Show”, and testimony. One hard of hearing man had been contemplating accepting Jesus for three years! We are thankful to have been there to see Cleo accept Jesus as his Savior!

SIGN CLASSES: This Deaf church has several hearing members who want to become extremely fluent in sign language. We had 4 two-hour sign classes with Deaf people helping to tutor the hearing one on one! It was AMAZING! We also did a video call with Sarah from ND, helping with a sign language song.

PRESENTATIONS: We also had the opportunity to share at the Hot Springs Minister’s meeting. Brother Teddy Frye from the Church of the Open Door invited us to come and share a mission presentation at his church. We were blessed to not only share with the church but with a group of men from the Teen Challenge program. It was so exciting to share the heart of Expressions of Emmanuel there. It was also thrilling to seek to encourage the church and the Teen Challenge men!

EDITING: While in AR, Shelby completed editing three devotionals. Steve has been teaching editing to Shelby and Judy. We were also able to work on the Israel DVD editing. Due to Steve’s bouts with illness, this project was put on hold. NOW, we are making this one of our highest priorities to complete. We did a great deal of editing in AR and have already started more editing since we arrived home. Please pray for this project to be completed this month. We would really love to complete it by the International Conference on Missions in November.

BLOGS: Writing 5 weeks’ worth of Blog posts to accompany DVD clips for the EOE social media outlets and the website was another important task that was completed in AR. Please pray as we seek to write two blogs for each week. I want to have posts ready to last until January. We also began work on preparing “The Who is Jesus?” DVD A to Z Biblical Characteristics of Jesus post. Please pray for God to guide the work for that project. too.

DEAF JOBS: We were blessed to help two members of the Deaf Church search for jobs. Donna was told that as soon as they have an opening at McDonald’s, they would be excited to hire her. Within that same hour, Brandon was hired to become a chicken cook at Chicken Express. Hardworking Brandon had NOT had a job offer in 8 YEARS! We are thankful to God for these two hard working Deaf people wanting to work and for answering prayer and providing jobs! Donna received word that her daughter in Springfield, MO, has been in a very bad accident — so she would need to go help her daughter for three months; but the Hot Springs McDonald’s promised to remember her! Please pray for both Brandon and Donna. Please pray for Donna’s daughter to heal quickly. We were thankful to a local thrift store that answered our plea to get her luggage so that she could travel by bus to help her daughter. We are praying for God to provide transportation for Donna to go to Deaf Church in MO.

Cancer Free AGAIN! Steve still has periodic pains and bouts with weakness. While in AR, 5 times Christians prayed for his healing. When we returned to the doctor, he saw NO ACTIVE signs of cancer, however scans have been ordered for OCT. We are prayerfully researching what to do to even more actively strengthen his body and keep cancer AWAY! Praise God for the good report and please continue to pray for his healing and for all of our other friends who struggle
with cancer.

EVENTS September AND October that Expressions of Emmanuel did:

September 15-27 EOE Missionary outreach with Signs of Love Deaf Church in Hot Springs, AR.

October – Editing the Video “ISRAEL” and Doing Social and Media Outreach (ABC Who is Jesus)

October 2 Testimony and Bible Lesson at Spanish Speaking Fellowship, Bonham, TX

October 5 Outreach to the Deaf Coffee Chat – handed out many videos, Tulsa, OK

October 5-7 Deaf Outreach, & Expressions of Emmanuel Advisory Council Meeting FCC, Sapulpa.

October 7 Sharing in Sunday School and Worship at Lakeview Christian Church (Mannford, OK)

October 9 Did complete program for Pre-school – Kindergarten at Happy Hands Christian School for the Deaf, Tulsa, OK

October 21 Children’s Church Worship, Bible teaching, and Missions Presentation, Hillcrest Chr. Ch., McKinney, TX

Expressions of Emmanuel Calendar

November 14-18 International Conference on Missions EOE booth #958 in Cincinnati, OH

November 17 Expressions of Emmanuel is one of the Saturday Missionary Lunch Speakers.

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