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I had Wilbur Fields as my Bible college professor for Biblical Archaeology and Old Testament classes. I would often be tired for my Biblical Archaeology right after lunch class. Wilbur Fields was one amazing teacher! During the time, I had my Bible Lands class, I was having some personal challenges, so I did not do my very best in that class. I did learn a lot. One of the things that I will always remember is about the Dead Sea! In 2010, I was able to go to Israel and Jordan to do videos. We are so excited that very soon that our Israel DVDs will be released. Here are a couple of photos from my time in the Dead Sea! Enjoy this fun little lesson about the Dead Sea! Enjoy these crazy photos. My husband says that there is still beauty in that mud! LOL! Lets live to receive Gods blessings, but also to serve and give to others and be FULLY alive! Holy hugs!