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Rocks are STRONG! One time when I was in Kenya, a man began took a very large Rock and threw it at me! I had been given permission to take a photo of a public transportation vehicle, but
the man did not like it so he threw the rock! Thanks to God, my mission team leader, was able to push me out of the way and shout in Swahili for the man to stop! That Rock could have really hurt me badly. In the Bible, we read how Jesus told the religious leaders to only throw stones if the religious leaders had no sin. When no one threw rocks, Jesus said with love to the woman, ” Go and stop sinning.”( John 8) Are Rocks bad? No if you are walking across a path or a creek, it is great that you can stand on a strong Rock. If there is a storm, people can get in between strong rocks for safety. Jesus is THE ROCK. We can trust Jesus and His Word! Jesus is the Rock that wants to help us live right. Jesus is the Rock who wants to help us and not hurt us! Psalm 18:2 says “The Lord is my Rock, my protection, my Savior. My God is my Rock. I can run to Him ( Jesus) for safety. He (God) is my saving strength, my defender. Enjoy this FUN children’s Song with Selah Joy Burnett and I as we remember that Jesus is the Solid Rock! Holy Hugs!