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Enjoy this old Sunday school favorite with Selah Joy Burnett and I! Children and Youth at Deaf Churches and schools across the country have sang this song with us! I remember singing it as a little girl! JOY! Well that is Selahs middle name. I chose that name because I want her to be full of Gods Joy! I want that for all three of my children, my husband, myself and every Christian in the world! Let’s pray asking God to give us the fruit of the Spirit, JOY! How do we get JOY? Well Psalm 19:8 says ” The Commandments/Laws of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart! The Commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight (understanding) for living.” Wow, Gods Word, the Bible, gives us JOY. Lets keep Gods Word in our hearts! Sing with us! Holy Hugs!