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Summer storms can come! Having lived most of my life in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas, I have seen storms turn even into tornadoes. As I have traveled doing mission work, I have seen LOTS of different kinds of storms.
I remember one time, I was in Italy at a church camp. My friend, Cassie, and I were walking by the beach, and the rains were like driving nails into our skin. My lightweight friend, Cassie, was almost blown away by the winds, I had to grab her and we rushed
to the bathroom for safety! During my lifetime, I have also seen many storms/ troubles in life! We all have troubles & challenges, but the good news is that IF we trust and accept Jesus, then Jesus will be our shelter, our defender, our protection in the times
of storm! WOW, Cassie and I were SO happy to have found a shelter in that bathroom by the Adriatic Sea in Italy, but MORE than that kind of shelter, we have JESUS to be our SHELTER in the TIMES of Storm! Enjoy this fun song where my lovely daughter, Selah
Joy and I enjoy singing/ signing this truth about Jesus! Holy Hugs!