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It is a joy to have good neighbors! While we were out of town for medical treatments, we had a neighbor mow our grass regularly. We are still working on getting organized and doing our medical treatments, and our neighbor
still sometimes helps. We are thankful for all of our kind neighbors! When I was a girl just standing in the yard of my childhood home, a sweet lady Frances Banks welcomed me to church. The Banks, the Webbs, and many other families in my small town church
of Cache, Oklahoma reached out to me with Christ’s love! When I was a teen, they made me a cowgirl outfit, taught me to ride horses, and challenged me to compete in selling the most tickets to become Rodeo Queen. Amazingly with the love of God from this home
church, this SHY girl became rodeo queen! The church knew that although my family loved me greatly, that I really lacked feelings of self-worth, so the church did a great job teaching me of Jesus and His great love for me. One day, when I was a young teen,
they planned a VIP banquet. I did not even know what a VIP was! I asked them, and they explained that they were having a special banquet for a Very Important Person (VIP). So I helped them set up. They had never done something with such fancy decorations.
That night when I came to celebrate and see who this important person was, I found out that they planned the banquet for ME! WOW, what neighbors! What love to help a girl who was struggling to be reminded that God and her church family loved her! Sometimes
I still struggle, but my desire is to tell as many about Jesus as possible and let everyone know that they are a VIP, a Very Important Person! That’s right, I am talking about YOU! Enjoy this devotion and see that story of my dear friends, Frances and Michael
Bradley “Pee Wee”! Holy Hugs! REMEMBER you are a very important person!