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Wow, I liked the coat the coat I was wearing in this video song! My dear mother gave me this coat! She always wanted me to be warm. When I was a baby, she wrapped me up in LOTS of clothes and blankets! Even as an adult… I am so easily COLD! Sadly when we had to leave to go to medical appointments out of town, the dry cleaners gave this coat away. It was so warm looking that when I once went into a store in Alaska in the summertime, the people really STARED! Another reason that I like this black coat, is because when we videotaped this Bible lesson, the BLACK coat really made the snow look so WHITE. There is such a contrast between the two. Watch this Bible devotional about David and His prayer in Psalm 51. Also in Isaiah 1:18 : Come now, let us reason together!” says the Lord. “Though your sins are red/scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Enjoy this Bible lesson that was taped in Bryce Canyon in the Spring! Holy Hugs!