On January 30th, Steve and I will start our journey to Cebu! (flying from Dallas to Hong Kong to Cebu) On January 31st Selah, Cloudi, and Nate (Selah’s fiancé) will fly to Cebu via a layover in Singapore. Two others who wanted to join the team, Judy Hernandez and Tare Hankins, will not be able to join us. They will instead join us in serving the Deaf community on an EOE mission trip later this year.

Please pray for us as we have a lot of packing and preparing in our less than two weeks before our departure. We will share on February 3rd at the MATA Deaf Expo. At least 1400 Deaf people are expected at this event. EOE will have a 15-minute program on the MATA stage. We will also have a booth where we will give away one free DVD & tracts to each Deaf person. We are thankful to Good News Productions International for lending us small DVD projectors that we can use at our booth. Please pray for God to help us as we seek to take 2000 DVDs and tracts. We pray that we will have success at the booth in showing the DVDs. Please also pray that we will find reasonable reliable transportation once we arrive in Cebu as we will be transporting lots of materials. We have also been given freedom to visit the MANY Deaf schools and Deaf clubs in Cebu to present them a set of DVDS and to share. Please pray for us to get a set of DVDs/tracts to these more than 30 groups.

Steve has still been struggling at times with sacral pain due to the cancer die-off. We have been going to many medical appointments in Texas since the end of December. (Pain Management doctor, Christian acupuncturist/gentle chiropractor, Physical therapy, and been doing a variety of medical tests.) We just got his bloodwork back and looks good. He now has a pain management device, IFR like a TENS unit that helps with pain. He has been given some nerve pain medicines as well. The cold is not helpful, but we have seen progress with still some ups and downs. Steve is passionate about this trip as we have such an OPEN DOOR to share the gospel. Please pray for his continued progress and healing. Please pray that God will grant blessing and favor in all that we do for His glory. Please pray that Steve will not suffer great pain during the flight or trip. We are still getting more medical assistance for Steve before we go, so we pray that more answers will be found to alleviate his pain! We are grateful that his bloodwork also continues to support the fact that he is cancer free. Praise be to God for all that He teaches us in this journey!

We also pray that Steve can get to see the Philippine medical professionals that we met last summer and get a FREE checkup. Their program gives free checkups and more treatments for free as well if one of their patients’ needs it. We pray that he can get into that clinic to be rechecked. Please pray for God’s favor in that as well.

Please pray for God to protect, use, and guide Steve, Vonda, Nate, Selah, & Cloudi as we reach out and share the gospel with the Deaf and their families in the Philippines. Please pray for God to open hearts to Jesus and His Word as we go! We will go there immediately after a large 3-week Catholic festival that celebrates baby Jesus! We pray that hearts will be open to learning the truths from God’s Word about Jesus!

We are only able to go on this trip because of your faithful support of EOE! Thank you SO much for partnering with us! May God mightily bless you in 2018! Holy Hugs!

Love in Jesus, Steven & Vonda Hamilton, daughters: Selah & Cloudi, and Nate Massey.

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