Dearest Faithful Supporters of Expressions of Emmanuel,

Because of your partnership 2016, was a wonderful year. We had many successful gospel outreaches in 2016 with Deaf and Hearing people. It was great to share with the great group of Deaf at FUMC and with Westview Christian in Shreveport. These mission outreaches and actually all the others were blessed abundantly.

      1. We cried out to the Lord, and God gave us 44 adults and a baby to reach out to thousands of Deaf people at the DeafNation Expo in Las Vegas this summer. We distributed tracts and DVDs with the masses of Deaf there. It was a challenging time as May and June had been full of hospital stays and doctors appointments that declared that Steve had advanced non-smoker’s lung cancer, but still, Steve and I were able to go and with this amazing team share Jesus with MANY in Las Vegas.
      2. God blessed us with amazing interns and helpers. Andy, Kendra, Hayley, Autumn, Bekah, and Jolene all stayed at our EOE mission home with the guidance of Sherry Lococo and Laura Skinner when Steve was hospitalized.  The interns were involved in the videotaping of some songs, as well as working with EOE to plan and lead a Deaf Christian Youth Camp, as well as other outreaches. God’s Handled us in it all!
      3. We enjoyed our times sharing with FCC in Sapulpa, Cache Christian Church (Revival/Videotaping), the Cherry Hill Women’s Retreat, FCC Mena, AR, Calvary in Bonham, Farewell Avenue Christian Church, Journey Christian Church members, Christian Church of Anchorage, Faith Community Church,  Palmer Christian Church, Hope Christian Church members, and Kenai Christian Church. WE were warmly welcomed everywhere we went. We were grateful for our not only our lodging but for the Alaska Churches providing our transportation to and around Alaska. God’s provision and direction were inspiring!
      4. In December, Cloudi also was able to go and join Bekah Ochs and her family on a Deaf outreach to Ghana, Africa. Cloudi and the group were able to distribute our DVDS to Deaf schools and groups across Ghana (6 complete sets of our 21 DVDs). Cloudi grew so much and the team really reached many with the love of Christ.
      5. God blessed us to get insurance so that Steve could get medical care. Many of you gave to make it possible. After our AK trip, on November 10th, M D Anderson hospital found a new small spot Steve’s spine.  So after advice from a Tulsa doctor and some research, we found a clinic in Tempe, AZ to get some extensive naturopathic medical care. Since November 14th, Steve has been receiving treatments here in AZ. He has made steady progress.  The Suttons from FCC of Tempe shared their home and car with us. Darryl Nunnelley helped provide a hotel room for one month and then he donated the 5th Wheel for our housing and to be used in the ministry as we travel and share the gospel. Darryl will later donate a used truck to be able to haul the 5th Wheel. Praise God for all His provision. Steve will be having more testing in Houston at the end of February. Please pray for his healing.
      6. This fall Judy Denman represented EOE at the International Conference on Missions. She gave MANY DVDs to many mission works around the world.
      7. This year God blessed us to produce 5 NEW DVDS: Holy Hugs, More, Walk in Love, Free, and Mark of the Lamb.
      8. While in AZ, we have shared with DVDs with four different Deaf Churches so far. We shared at FCC Tempe’s Children Church. We have distributed DVDs to Deaf people all across Phoenix. On two occasions we have shared at a Deaf/ Hearing Home Bible Study. We have shared some dramas and DVDs with the cancer patients at the clinic as well.
      9. We enjoyed Selah’s recent visits with us. She returned to Texas to finish her last semester at Dallas Christian College, and to continue tutoring at DCC and working with children’s ministry at Hillcrest Christian Church. Cloudi is helping us in AZ. Cloudi completed her Massage Therapy courses and she will take her Texas test when we return to Texas.
      10. We are planning to share with other Deaf churches. We also hope to distribute DVDS to the schools for the Deaf. (Phoenix & Tucson) Please pray for our AZ outreach. We have many more mission plans, but we are praying and waiting for upcoming medical reports to solidify our plans. We love you and thank you for your prayers and support. We know that God has much for us to do, thanks for your continued support.

Love in Jesus,
Steven and Vonda Hamilton & family, Expressions of Emmanuel