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With Shopping List: There are many ways that God wants us to pray. I remember PRAY Praise, Repent, Ask for Others, and Pray for Yourself.  This helps me pray. I really LOVE  God and people, but I understand that it is SO EASY to be selfish! We have to always check our hearts and why we are doing what we do. When considering how to pray, I often think about ACTS too. Ask, Confess, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (asking for things). I believe that God does want us to do that ASK. His Word says ask.  I know we can get some good deals this time of the year, and it may be wise to shop and get things that we might not be able to afford at other times of the year. BUT we must be careful that we don’t get too selfish. We need to pray that our shopping is God honoring! We need to pray in all the ways that God tells us about in His Word.  We need to make sure to be thankful. Yes, we all have problems, but yes… if we really LOOK, we will find that we all have so many blessings! Praise the Lord. We do need to pray for our OWN problems, but we need to not forget to pray for others. I love this verse where Samuel does not want to sin by not praying for others. If we don’t pray for others… we are sinning! ” 1 Samuel 12:23Samuel said

” I will surely not stop praying for you, because that would be sinning against the Lord. I will teach you what is good and right. ” Let’s be thankful, careful with the sales, and pray for each other. Enjoy this fun song that reminds us to pray in all ways and to be careful to not be selfish when we pray. Holy Hugs!