When the Deaf learn God’s Word, they receive it through their eyes! The sign “see with your eyes = receptive skills” is done by taking your dominant hand and taking the index finger, middle finger, and thumb and making a clawing motion with the thumb resting on the corner of your eye. The same hand shape is made over the heart (the area that everyone says is your heart!) with your thumb leaning against your chest to signify seeing/hearing with your heart.

These signs are important because we need to receive God’s Word fully and “hear” with our heart. But, it is also important to be a good listener and learn to read sign language well so that you can truly communicate on a deep level with Deaf people. Many Deaf people are frustrated when people only want to use expressions signs but don’t care to strive to understand what the Deaf have to say. Learning to sign and read sign language requires time and patient effort. Make it your goal to sign and read sign language! God can empower you to communicate! Ask Him and keep growing. Make sure to “see” with your heart and your eyes!