This sign is important to know because there are always distractions in life and you don’t want to look away from the Deaf, ignoring them for every sound you hear or every hearing person that speaks to you! Losing eye contact and looking away without asking to “hold” is very rude!

For the sign “hold,” take one fist arm upright and move it slightly up and down. If you sign “please hold,” you show respect, and after addressing a pressing interruption you can finish your conversation. If it is not a pressing interruption, ask the other person who wants to talk to please “hold.” This sign will help you show respect to all.

The sign “hold” can also be a variant of the sign trust! If the same hand shape moves slightly up and down while you look to God with a trusting expression (as if holding onto an imaginary rope) it will signify holding on with faith in God! If we want to endure and be faithful in Deaf Ministry, we must hold on to God’s unseen hand! Only He can hold us and give advancement for His Kingdom!

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