Past the wishing
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Pennies, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels… coins… pocket change… sometimes people will throw them in a wishing well for fun and make a wish…. well that is cute, but we DON’T need to do that! We can pray for God to help us with our wishes… desires if they are God’s desires too. Psalm 37:4 ” Enjoy serving the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. ” Sometimes we pray, but we do not move with faith. We need to pray, be wise and consider, but we also need to move with faith. If we are praying for rain, we need to have an umbrella ready! It is SO funny that the church in Acts 12 was praying for Peter to get out prison, but when God freed Peter and Peter went to the house church and knocked on the door, the church did not believe Peter was at the door! The Church thought Peter was still in prison. We need to believe that God answers prayer. The house church was AMAZED! We need to pray and move serving the Lord and not just wish, but be willing to PRAY and WORK serving God. Let’s not only TALK about loving and serving God, let’s REALLY LOVE and SERVE God! Enjoy this ASL song, ” Past the Wishing”.