We have a lovely contact in Shanghai, China. Who has worked with the Baobei Foundation as a Healing Home Manager for the past 5 years. Baobei Foundation is an organization that provides lifesaving surgeries and post-surgical rehabilitation for Chinese orphans. The name Baobei, which means “precious” or “precious child” in Chinese. Baobei believes that each child is precious and has a unique contribution to make to the world. They have provided over 200 surgeries for over 100 orphans. These orphan who were near death are now happy, healthy, and living with permanent families.

This friend work helps heal children every day not only physically, but emotionally ans spiritually too. There is an old little girl who is deaf and will be adopted to America soon. She can read lips in Chinese and speak a little bit. Our friend has started teaching her ASL. Her new family is also learning to sign. There’s a possibility that she will be in our friend’s home this summer while her foster family is traveling to take her home. This way she can teach her everyday signs easier as well. There aren’t many people in her area of China who know ASL.

We are so honored that we could provide this friend with our DVDs to help teach this lovely little girl to sign to her new family. Please pray for many blessing for this child. God has opened the door for us to help this friend in their teaching and to bless many more with knowledge of learning ALS.