We love to hear that our DVDs touch and help people. We love it even more when it comes from around the world. It always amazes me how one DVD or even one song can make such a difference. Sign language around the world is not all the same. In America we use ASL (American Sign Language). There are other nations that use ASL too, however all countries have their own regional signs. Many countries have some or extreme differences in their sign language systems. The wonderful news is that all sign language uses expressions, gestures, and mime… so this is very helpful for people using different sign language systems to be able to understand each other. Our DVDs are used in many countries around the world. This last year, a Deaf Church in Ethiopia received all of our DVDs. This church regularly uses our DVDs.

Here some of the comments we are getting about our work.


I am Aben’ezer, (Deaf) From Ethiopia. Yesterday during our church program we watched the ASL song DVD. I really loved it. There is a little variation between Ethiopian Sign-Language and ASL. I believe that if you could add subtitles will reduce the language confusion.
A NOTE FROM VONDA:(If we had more staff, we would be able to address this need… but right now we are swamped (SUPER BUSY)… please pray for more workers, because we would love to caption everything.

Benton, Louisiana, USA

Thank you so much! I have been meaning to tell you how much we have enjoyed your DVDs. Patty Warmack and Mathis Glenda bought 2 for my children. They absolutely love them. They have watched them over and over and have them almost memorized. Both of them sign and sing the songs. My almost 2 year old also goes around saying “boomshockalocka” Lol!!! Thank you for doing these. I love hearing my children singing these songs even when the video isn’t on. Hugs! – Angie Benton Evans

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