mama-s song 14
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Here is a video that features my dear mama. We need to remember and cherish all the good in our lives, and follow the good examples. Every earthly parent is imperfect, but we need to seek to see where our parents have followed Jesus and follow their good examples. We need to seek to not follow bad examples. We all have a fresh start… to follow Jesus. Let’s love the new generations with the love of Christ. I have had many challenges and heartbreaks in life, but I am grateful that my mother taught me to love Jesus. She set a good example for me. She prayed daily for me while I was in her womb that I would serve the Lord. As the preacher’s wife… she could daily go and pray in the church sanctuary. We need to pray for our children, grandchildren, and our extended Christian family. One of the greatest recent discoveries that I have had… IS THAT PRAYERS DON’T HAVE EXPIRATION DATES… (got this revelation from the author, Mark Batterson) so the prayers that my mother prayed years ago… are still be fulfilled. The prayers that you have prayed… can still come to fruition. So pray… don’t become weary of well doing. God is our parent… who never leaves us! Happy Mother’s Day! Holy Hugs!