RockyPunch left right cross… Boxing! Wow it is quite a sport… actually I hate the whole idea. When I watch a boxing match or boxing movie… I want to scream and tell them “Stop Fighting! Why?? You are going to get hurt!” I have always liked the IDEA of the Rocky movies… that we should train and even if we FEEL like we are not a winner… we should fight for the good! There is a new Rocky movie, but I was busy and did not see all of CREED, but I did see enough of it to scream and be worried about the boxers! This life has “fights” or “troubles” for each of us, whether we have a LOT or a LITTLE, whatever God wants us to do… He will help us!! We need to make sure that what we are doing is what GOD wants us to do, if we are doing what God wants, He will help us get it done! He will help us in our “fights or troubles”. God will help us in the good times and bad times! With God, you CAN DO what He wants to do! Enjoy this ASL devotional on the steps at the art museum in Philly where “Rocky” actually ran.. and ran again in CREED! You CAN DO!