May We ABIDE in JESUS in 2016!

John 15:4-9 “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.5 I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. 6 If anyone does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned. 7 If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. 8 My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples. 9 Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.”

One of my (Vonda) goals is to memorize John 15. The above verses have been a comfort and a challenge as I have been reviewing these verses. We must ABIDE in God to let God lead, to see prayers answered, and to be fruitful. God loves Jesus. Jesus loves us, and we need to focus on His love and live in the love of the Lord. We pray that you will abide in God’s love! We Pray you have been blessed so far in this year of 2016

We have already had a busy new year. We have had several video shoots recently: December 4th:(Phoebe) 11 Bible lessons, December 5th: (Cory) 21 Bible lessons, January 3rd: (Steve) 11 Bible lessons, January 23rd: (Cory and Phoebe) 20 Bible lessons, January 30th: (Cory) 13 Bible lessons, and February 27th: (Cory and Phoebe) 23 Bible lessons. Steve helped on one of the video shoots, but he is currently typically focusing upon all of the editing projects. We are thankful to the following people who also acted in the videos: Cory Williams, Phoebe Kautt, Abby Kautt, Andrew Young, Janet Martin, Cloudi, Selah, Ashley Hudspeth, Andy Lobaugh, Dillion Craft, Samantha Smith, and the Amigh children (neighbors). Last fall, we were blessed to have Jon and Betsy Ellis and also many DCC students help with acting as well. It is such a blessing that Cory and Phoebe have come to work on all these devotionals as I have had the props and Bible verses in decorative boxes waiting to be taped for a few years. Cory and Phoebe seek to come to help monthly. Congratulations & prayers please for Cory and his wife, Alyssa, as they are expecting their first child and may be relocating. Phoebe’s father is looking for a ministry position so they could also relocate. Please pray for the Kautts, Williams, and these many more Bible lessons that need to be taped. EOE volunteer, Jill Russell has been missed, but we are glad that she is settled and doing well now in Tyler.

In January

There was the Prophecy Seminar. It was held in Sherman, Texas, Jan. 15-17th taught by Brother Darryll Nunnelley, who did a great job. He is an international Bible teacher, and Christian businessman. He compared the 4 different view points of eschatology. He will be helping us in Las Vegas. A very exciting thing is that Darryl is going to help a young man (Jose Martinez) from Dallas Christian College by having him intern with Darryl for Christian Business and is going to help in Las Vegas.


We want to thank everyone who has helped us on the video shoots, especially Cory Williams, and Pheobe Kautt. – PRAISE THE LORD.

Steven has been working hard on editing, and especially on the video on Israel Praise GOD for Steven and his God given ability for videoing and editing.

We want to thank the following for sponsoring a DVD.

The Christian Church of Anchorage, Alaska – “Two Feet Forward” – Video
Cache Christian Church of Cache, OK – “Free of Heart Jesus” – Video
The Coleman’s, Tulsa, OK – “Focus of My Heart Jesus” – Video

If you are interested in sponsoring a DVD please contact us.

We need sponsorship for the following video’s:

  1. “Fresh Bread”
  2. “Holy Hugs”
  3. “MORE”

Plus 2 more videos are in-line that will need sponsoring.

Feburary, 2016

On February 6th Selah Joy Burnett & Vonda had a wonderful day helping to serve at a Christian Women’s Retreat, near Denton, Texas. Vonda and Selah say thank you Linda McConnico and daughter Cindy, for the invite.

On February 20th & 21st we were in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We spoke on a Saturday evening and a Sunday morning at a deaf church, and has other deaf fellowship opportunities while in Hot Springs. On our way to Hot Springs, we stopped in Texarkana, to visit with our friend James Jones. While in Hot Springs, James came and joined in the fellowship. Hearts were stirred and decisions were made for Christ.

On February 2nd & 27th we did video shoots. It takes a lot of work to get ready to shoot, get music, costumes, props: plus getting volunteers and approval to shoot at certain locations. So please continue to pray for our video shoots.

The DeafNation World Convention
Las Vegas, NV – July 5th – 8th

Did you know that only one or two percent of the 250 million Deaf people in the world are Christians? There is such a need for the Deaf to have the opportunity to learn of the love of Jesus! Four years ago there were over 40,000 Deaf people present. We had a small booth with only eight workers. We were overwhelmed with opportunity and terribly understaffed. The DeafNation World occurs only every three to four years. So we have a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with the worldwide Deaf community as 50,000 influential Deaf people are expected to attend. Our goal is to have 25-30 volunteers.

All team members need to be committed Christians who heartily believe and follow God’s word, the Bible. Half of the team will need to be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing who sign fluently. The other half of the team could be people who have learned (or we teach) basic sign language to use while giving away items or signing people up for newsletters at the booth. But every member must totally refrain talking while at the booth in order to make our booth a Deaf-friendly and respectful atmosphere for the Deaf.

Some Team Members for Las Vegas are:

  • Minerva Allard & Family from Owasso, OK
  • Tara Hankins from Tulsa, OK
  • Andy Lobaugh from Oklahoma
  • Jose Martinez & Darrly Nunnelley
  • Hillcrest Christian Church, McKinney, Texas has some members coming.
  • We have workers coming from First Christian Church in Sapulpa.

Some who may join us and we sure hope they do are:

Jolene Sinclair is a hard of hearing girl from Florida, she came in Jan. and stayed one week with us. We did a lot of sign languages classes for her and then she worked hard on organizing our prop room and getting bedding ready for the interns this summer. Jolene may inturn with us this summer.

We have other potential workers coming from California and Arizona. Pray for more workers.

Starting in April and through June we will have sign language classes for our workers. Prior to the trip we will have a practice day with a booth setup the size we will have in Las Vegas and train our workers, so everything can run smooth in Vegas. Interested in going as a worker?
Click here to learn more.


We need interns this summer. We have 3 or 4 interns coming who are artists!

We are excited that on the weekends Samantha Smith is coming and she and Cloudi are helping each other. Samantha is working on getting her Masters in Deaf Education, so she is working on her Master’s Project helping Cloudi improve in her language skills (reading and writing). Samantha is also learning video editing and will be with us full time this summer.

Please pray for GOD to raise up interns, volunteers and full-time workers to help Expressions of Emmanuel and serving the Lord in 2016 and beyond.

New for 2016

We are EXCITED! about our New Website – go and see!

Starting March 1st, 2016, Sharon Kirk will be our Administration Assistant and will be raising her own support. She will be working on the music licensing, newsletters, and misc. work we need. This will free up time for Steven and me to focus more on projects, editing, conventions and other Deaf outreaches. So in a meeting with Sharon we have decided to do the newsletter every 2 months for email and a 4 month newsletter for postal delivery. We have had many great volunteers who have helped out in the office and with newsletters; many thanks to you all. But because of this we have not had a consistent way of keeping track of our addresses. So because of that, we would like to be able to update our email list and address list. If you have changes to either, please email to the following email or mail the information to the address under donation information.

Prayer Needs

We need prayers for upcoming events: March 20th will be in Shreveport, LA, at Westview Christian Church on Sunday morning and then at FUMC at 3:30 P.M. Sunday afternoon. On April 3rd we will be at Northside Christian Church Broken Arrow, OK. Then at 12:30 that day we will meet with our Advisory Council, for our biyearly meeting. Las Vegas DeafNation World Convention in July.

For these people :summer interns, Cloudi as she continues her massage schooling and work: Selah Joy for end of school year studies, and while she interns this summer at “Focus on the Family” in Colorado Springs, CO.: Steven’s health needs and editing videos: Vonda, organizing for videos, sign language classes, speaking engagements & preparing for conventions: Support for Sharon Kirk, Blessings on the Williams and their baby, and also the Kautts.


With our New Website it is really easy to donate. But as with everything new and computers we did have a problem with the donate button. But that is fixed and ready to go. To donate on the web go to click on the “donation PayPal” button at the upper left hand corner. This will take you to our donation page. Here you can make a one time donation or a recurring donation. You can use PayPal, VISA, Master Card, and, Discovery, and American Express. After you enter in your amount click donate, then On the “purpose Line” please put what it is for: example “EOE” or “Sponsor DVD” or “EOE Las Vegas DVD” or “Sharon Kirk Ad. Asst.” or mail to the following address: Expressions of Emmanuel, P.O. Box 62, Ector, TX 75439

Lets pray for our nation and Christians throughout the world.
Pray for us and remember we are praying for you. May God Bless you this year!

2016 Pictures

Jolene Sinclair

Phoebe Kautt is taping “Dr Vonda” as “Mama Janet Martin” is giving birth to “BabyAndrew Young” (who is not pictured). Thanks to Dr. Clem and Janet Martin for allowing us to videotape at their chiropractic office on two Saturdays! Thanks Janet for your acting too!

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