neo-and-lunaHere are Neo and Luna who are some of the sweetest dogs ever! We use them to teach the importance of loving and obeying God!  When I was growing up, I had LOTS of dogs. We lived in Cache, Oklahoma near the military base of Ft. Sill. I was actually born at Ft. Sill. Many military families would have to leave quickly so they would look for someone to take their dogs. We adopted MANY dogs from military families. The local butcher would help give us meat scraps to feed the dogs. We had LOTS of different dogs: Afghan Hound, Australian Shepherd, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Chinese Sharpei, Cocker Spaniel, Daschshund, Dalmatian, Great Dane, Irish Setter, French Poodle, Pekingese, St. Bernard, Sheltie, Mixed Breed Dogs and more. At one point we owned 21 dogs. We did not have a high income so we had to work hard to care for the animals. Militiary families could take their dogs to the Army Base and get rabies shots for $ 1 per dog. So my mother and I loaded up all 21 dogs in our van, and one by one… I took them out of the van to get their shots. The Veterinarian and his helpers were shocked  and their EYES were BIG and bulgingeach time, we pulled another dog out of the car. Caring for dogs is a lot of fun and work! Dogs do some really funny things. Dogs can be so silly! Watch this lesson and see what this crazy dog will do!