cheetaIn 1989, I went to Kenya in East Africa. I loved working on the mission trip with both the Deaf and the Hearing there. One time, a lady handed me a crying baby. She wanted me to give milk to the baby. I had never been married and I did not have any milk to give. The lady was very frustrated with me. The Kenyan lady did not understand that I could not share milk with the baby. Often the Kenyan ladies in the bush will take turns feeding the babies. The Kenya ladies help each other with caring for the children. It was a strange experience for me, because the Kenyan lady thought that I DID NOT WANT to help. But MANY times we CAN help others, but we just don’t want to help! We can’t do everything, but we should really be willing to help others when we can. In God’s Church, The Body of Christ it is important to help each other and to be together. This video tells another true story that happened to me and my team in Kenya. we  saw two cheetahs on one of our rest days. Watch carefully because cheetahs are fast! I don’t want you to miss this story or these Bible verses!