animal-crackersWhen I was a teenager, the youth minister wanted to let the kids just be a little silly but not really mean. He would drive by someone who was walking on the side of the road and instruct all of us to wave to the other side of the road. This would cause the people to wonder why we were waving and who we were waving to. I thought it was a little mean. Actually, most people just thought it was funny or they did not even realize what was happening. I guess I thought it was mean, because in school… I understood what it was like to be the last person chosen for the team in gym class. I understood how it felt to be the one who was often ignored, mocked, or rejected. There were people who reached out to me as a school child, but I understood what it meant to NOT be a favorite. I was blessed to have a family, a church family, and a few friends who cared when I was growing up. In all stages of my life … I have seen times when others or myself were not welcomed. It is painful to not be welcomed or known. It is terrible when others just don’t care, BUT the GOOD NEWS is that God does care. Jesus does care and He cared so much that He died for us! You and I are not unknown to God! Jesus knows our name!! Enjoy this American Sign Language devotion, ” Jesus Knows Your Name!”