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December 2015

Dear Friends,

Did you know that only one or two percent of the 250 million Deaf people in the world are Christians? There is such a need for the Deaf to have the opportunity to learn of the love of Jesus! The DeafNation World convention will be July 5 – 8, 2016 in Las Vegas. Four years ago there were over 40,000 Deaf people present. We had a small booth with only eight workers. We were over- whelmed with opportunity and terribly understaffed. The DeafNation World occurs only every three to four years. So we have a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with the worldwide Deaf community as 50,000 influential Deaf people are expected to attend.

We have very sparse resources but we pray for God to provide funds for more DVDs and tracts for this event. Please let us know of any resources to help us in this work.

In order to get the early bird special for a DeafNation World booth, we have to pay for the booth before February 1, 2016. We must have 12 committed volunteers to join us in order for us to proceed with the booth reservation. Our goal is to have 25 – 30 volunteers. But to be good stewards, we need 12 people to commit by January 30, 2016 so that we can secure our booth at an affordable price.

DeafNation World Expo events will be held July 6th – 8th. We need our team to be there in time to set on the 5th. (Set up time to be announced.) But we encourage our volunteers to come on the 4th so we have time as a team to prepare and pray, as well as set up and possibly enjoy some fireworks together.

What will we do? We will give free tracts and one free DVD of their choice for each family. We want to be available to encourage the people who stop by our booth. We want to be ready to share the gospel and explain the picture tracts to each person if they are open to learn. Members of our team will get email addresses entered into computers, so that we can provide follow-up discipleship materials through emails to those who want to sign up for our newsletter.

All team members need to be committed Christians who heartily believe and follow God’s word, the Bible. Half of the team will need to be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing who sign fluently. The other half of the team could be people who have learned (or we will teach) basic sign language to use while giving away items or signing people up for newsletters at the booth. But every member must totally refrain from talking while at the booth in order to make our booth a Deaf-friendly and respectful atmosphere for the Deaf.

Will you prayerfully consider joining our team? You will need to provide for your transportation, meals, and hotel expenses. Perhaps you can write a mission support letter and raise the funds to come and help us. People could share hotel costs. DeafNation World will be held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and has a special rate of $142 for each night (for either one king sized bed or two queen sized beds). We can help match you up with others to share a hotel room and share hotel expenses. We desperately need your help. We want 25 – 30 workers to join us. But we must have 12 by January 30, 2016.

Please contact me (Vonda) at
Facebook: Vonda Bland Hamilton & Expressions of Emmanuel
Phone: (office) 903-583-6143 or (cell) 903-449-6328
VP: 903-449-4086 (Z) or 903-257-3448 (Sorenson)

This is an amazing opportunity to share the gospel as it is the largest gathering of Deaf people on earth! Will you please join us? We need you! We need to pray and recruit prayer warriors and folks to sponsor the purchase of more DVDs and tracts for this event. Please pray, give, and serve so that many Deaf can come to know the Love of Jesus!

Love in Jesus,
Steven & Vonda Hamilton & Family
Selah & Cloudi