The virgin will be pregnant.
She (Mary) will have a son and they will name Him Emmanuel,
that means “God with us.”
Matthew 1:23

This verse is important to remember at Christmas. Emmanuel is a name for Jesus. We use Emmanuel in our mission name, Expressions of Emmanuel, to remind us that God is with everyone. We thank God that He loves every person in the world, and that Jesus wants us to live every day with Him. We praise God for the gift of His son Jesus now and throughout the year.

Sponsors for DVDs

We are happy to announce that we now have a sponsor for our new DVD, “Free from the Chains of Sin”. We are thankful for Cache Christian Church who graciously gave to make this DVD.

We are now able to re-order the “Focus of My Heart, Jesus” (with the gospel added) DVD. We are thankful for the Coleman / Bowden family who made this possible.

You Too Can Make a Donation to Help Order New or Re-order DVDs.

Please consider donating to Expressions of Emmanuel to help with our DVDs. Since we are a 501 c3 ministry, any contributions that are made in the month of December 2015 can be considered for a tax write-off for 2015.



BRANDED: The Mark of the Lamb (15 songs) – cost = $1400
TWO FEET FORWARD (10 ASL Scripture songs taped in Alaska) – cost = $1400
HOLY HUGS – 16 ASL Christian Songs – cost includes music licensing =
MORE (20 songs) – cost includes music licensing = $7000

321 123 TRINITY – cost = $1400
FRESH BREAD – cost = $1400

Each order is for 1000 DVD copies to be duplicated. This makes the $7000 order come out to $7 per copy and the $1400 order come out to $1.40 per copy. These DVDs will be freely given to Deaf people.

Videotaping Progress

December 4th Phoebe Kautt came. She helped videotape 11 Bible lessons.

December 5th Cory Williams came. He videotaped 17 Bible lessons and two Christmas carols at Cornerstone Baptist Church (in Trenton, Texas) – at their wagon ride Journey gospel presentation site.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Stacie Bowden. She has leukemia and beginning chemotherapy.

We ask you to pray for the health of Jill Russell, our mission office helper. She deals with chronic health issues.

Steve is having headaches as well as numbness in his leg. Please pray the Lord provide a way for him to get relief. Steve continues to work on editing our Israel DVD.
Please pray for DeAnn Rogers Koo as she struggles with brain tumors.

Come Join Our Team as a Volunteer

What: DeafNation World Expo
When: January 5–8, 2016
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Why: Giving DVDs and tracts to Deaf people.
Cost: $142 a night*, plus your traveling, eating, and entertainment expenses
Our Team: We need 25 – 30 volunteers to join our team
Deadline: We need 12 committed volunteers by January 30, 2016 before we can
reserve our booth.

* At the Paris Las Vegas Hotel where the Expo is held (this is the DeafNation discount rate).

For more information or to volunteer, please call Vonda at (903) 449-6328 or email vondabland@msn.com. Check out our website at www.expressionsofemmanuel.com. Thanks to WebPro of Lubbock, Texas for working towards website improvements.

Los Angeles, California – December 12, 2015
 The Hamiltons attended Vonda’s graduation from Hope International University where Vonda received her Masters of Intercultural Studies.Vonda says, “Praise be to God for a wonderful graduation weekend with my family. I enjoyed meeting some of my professors and fellow students from my online Master in Arts in Ministry (concentration in Intercultural Studies) from Hope International University. Once again thanks to everyone for your prayers, encouragement, and support as I traveled this journey! I learned a lot and praise God for the experiences! Graduation was my first time to go to the actual college. I thank the Lord for this university. Holy Hugs!”What a joy to graduate with such a great group! We are the Master in Ministry students for December 2015 (7 of 29 pictured). What a wonderful blessing to study and graduate with these dear people!Thanks to Ann Stenbak Cole for this photo! After graduation we also enjoyed a fun visit with Ann.” Other News About the Hamilton’s Time in California and Arizona
We praise the Lord that we had a wonderful time in California and Arizona! We enjoyed the graduation ceremonies at Hope International University. My family was so supportive. The girls each presented with me with roses. Steve blazed trails around LA! We enjoyed sharing DVDs and connecting with Deaf ministries in Los Angeles.Arizona was great! I enjoyed chatting with Paul Covert, my high school youth minister. Please pray for Paul for his eye to heal. Also we are so thankful to have had a wonderful visit with Brian and Marie Plummer and their son Adriel. They were wonderful hosts giving us rides to and from the airport, fixing delicious meals, taking us to a Christmas train, church, and a doctor’s appointment, making their home a meeting place to reach out to friends, family, and Deaf ministries, and so much more. We were welcomed as family and enjoyed all our time with the Plummers. I enjoyed sharing a devotional at the ASL Life Group Christmas party at the Plummer’s home.We also enjoyed visiting with Steve’s Brother, Thomas Hamilton, and Cindy, as well as my Auntie/ Mother figure… Ruth Graham. We enjoyed a meal and lots of fellowship with Auntie Ruth as she treated us all to a graduation celebration meal. We were able to share more than 200 DVDs in our travels to Los Angeles and Phoenix.Steve, Selah Joy Burnett, Cloudi Berea Bland, Ashley Hudspeth (we are thankful that she joined us!), and I all are so thankful for our time in CA and AZ! Our time was blessed. We are very thankful to all for their love, generosity, and help! We had such a wonderful time! Thank you all!

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More Graduation Photos

Time With the Plummers in Phoenix, Arizona

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