BRANDED: The Mark of the Lamb (13 songs) – cost = $1400

TWO FEET FORWARD (10 ASL Scripture songs taped in Alaska) – cost = $1400

HOLY HUGS – 16 ASL Christian Songs – cost includes music licensing = $7000

SOMETHING MORE (20 songs) – cost includes music licensing = $7000

Re-order 321 123 TRINITY – cost = $1400

Re-order FRESH BREAD – cost = $1400

Re-order THE FOCUS OF MY HEART, JESUS – cost = $1400

FREE (Forgiven, Redeemed & Repentant, Excited, & Enduring) 14 devotionals – cost = $1400 (PRAISE THE LORD, WE HAVE TWO CHURCHES SPONSORING THIS PROJECT; Cache Christian Church and Compass Christian Church)


Each order is for 1000 DVD copies to be duplicated. This makes the $7000 order come out to $7 per copy and the $1400 order come out to $1.40 per copy. These DVDs will be freely given to Deaf people.

We have other videos planned (using much already videotaped footage) and need sponsors in order for us to be able to complete them. Please contact us about sponsoring one of these DVDs. If you know of anyone, church, Sunday school class, or organization that wants to support these projects, please let us know. Any amount given toward a DVD project will help. Please pray as we forge ahead with these projects.

OTHER NEEDS for you to consider sponsoring or donating.

covered trailer – Will be used to transport DVDs, visuals, and teaching materials behind our minivan
freezer – Will be used to preserve foods (on sale items or donated food) to feed interns and Deaf groups at the EOE Mission house and offices in Bonham.



  • Forgiven
  • Redeemed and Repentant
  • Excited to obey, serve, and share Jesus with others
  • Enduring with Prayer and Praise!

FREE is the title of our new DVD that we hope to release soon. FREE has 14 devotionals that share how Jesus sets us FREE when Jesus forgives and redeems us! This DVD will show how God wants us to continue to be free by following Jesus Christ by: repenting (changing your heart) of sins, obeying God’s Word, the Bible, serving God, sharing Jesus with others, enduring, continuing to follow God in the hard times and the good times, and finding strength in prayer and praise. All of these devotionals have been edited by Kara Graves, Sharon Klingemann, and Steve.


HOLY HUGS is a DVD with 16 Christian American Sign Language Songs and two devotionals (short Bible lessons) signed by Vonda Hamilton & Friends. God commands Christians to love each other. 2 Corinthians 13:12 says “Greet One Another with a Holy Kiss”. Today we don’t have to kiss each other, but Christians do need to greet each other with Christian love. The songs celebrate the love and sacrifice of Jesus, and the care of God. These songs challenge Christians to love God and their Christian brothers and sisters. “When I am an Old Woman” is added as a fun song that moms can use to tease/joke their kids. Jesus said in John 15:12, “My command is this, love one another in the same way that I have loved you!” Let God “HUG” you with His love! Hug, shake hands, pat a shoulder, or give a smile with Jesus’ love! Greet each other with God’s love! HOLY HUGS songs are: Broken, Build a Bridge of Love, Covered by the Blood, Faithful Friend, For Always, He’ll Take Care of the Rest, His Eye is on the Sparrow, Hold Me, Jesus, Knowing You, Jesus, Live in Me, Love One Another, One Thing Remains, Raise Me Up, There is a Fountain, The Voice of Truth, & When I’m An Old Woman. The devotionals are a Soccer Ball Gospel Message and a London Bridge Devotional. The editing for this DVD is complete. At this time we are working on acquiring licensing. Because we need licenses for these songs, the cost of production will be $7000. This cost also includes 1000 copies. Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to sponsor this DVD. Any DVD that is sponsored can have the name of the family, individual, church, or organization listed on the cover as the sponsor. We believe that these new DVDs will really be great tools of Biblical instruction and encouragement. Please pray for these new projects.