Friends, as you read over our past outreaches, we ask that you please pray for the outcome of each one.

Edison New Jersey – DeafNation, Expressions of Emmanuel enjoyed sharing with kids and adults of all ages on the DeafNation stage…. Expressions of Emmanuel had a great day sharing at the DeafNation Expo. We are thankful to have shared over 500 DVDs and many more tracts. It was a busy and exhausting day, but so wonderful! It was so nice to meet so many people! God blessed our stage time too.

We are very thankful for Gilbert and Debbie Ramos who were a big help to us. We appreciate their love and encouragement. We enjoyed supper and sweet fellowship with them. Gil and Debbie were also kind to transport us. They also helped by dealing with a broken TV and shipping the good ones on to our next event.

It was a precious blessing to get to spend time with Ernie and Coring Eustaquio, whom Vonda has known for many years. They are like spiritual parents to her. She affectionately calls them Papa and Mama. They arranged for EOE to speak at their church. It was a special time there with our Christian family at Body of Christ Christian Church in Woodhaven New York. We are thankful for that opportunity.

Sapulpa Oklahoma – Advisory Council Meeting at First Christian Church Sapulpa in October. This was a wonderful meeting. We are thankful to the church for allowing us to have our Expressions of Emmanuel Advisory Council meeting there. We are also thankful to the First Christian Church of Sapulpa women for providing a wonderful meal. We are thankful to all the advisory council members who give of their time, love, and prayers to serve with us. We are thankful to the First Christian Church of Sapulpa who allowed us to share in the service and the children’s service. We love to come home to Sapulpa as they first helped Vonda get involved in starting deaf ministry/mission work. We are thankful to Tim and Janie Huff for hosting us. We had a great time in the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area. God is so good!

Portland Oregon – DeafNation. The EOE team was Steve, Vonda, Cloudi, and Mary Parson. We had a great outreach. It was great to meet many of these dear people. God blessed the day as we distributed over 400 DVDs and numerous tracts. We tried to recruit interns, potential supporters, volunteers, and co-workers. We were so tired at the end of the day, but blessed. We had a great time sharing on their stage as well. We had sweet people help us on stage and at the booth. Please pray for God’s blessings on these people.

We were blessed to have the opportunity to also share at the Christian Deaf Church in Portland. We were able to share in both Sunday school and Church there. We love the people there. The church was very generous. We enjoyed lunch and our fellowship there. Pastor Eric shipped our TV monitors and display materials on to the next location. We are thankful for Pastor Eric Martin and his wife.

Richmond Virginia at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). We had a booth there and our team was Steve, Vonda, Selah, Cloudi, and Dacie Bradley. There we expressed the need of the gospel in the Deaf community and challenged people to missions. We are thankful for those who signed up on our intern volunteer list. We are praying for interns, volunteers, co-workers, and supporters to join us in the mission work of EOE. ICOM gives us an opportunity to seek this kind of help, while allowing us to catch up with missionary friends and collaborate with other Christian missionaries.

We were able to share at First Baptist Deaf Church in Richmond. We distributed DVDs to each family. We gave a set of our DVDs to the Church. Their minister just retired, so they were VERY thankful to have our DVDs to use.

Washington D.C. was our next stop. After the ICOM event, we visited Washington D.C. to see our dear friend, Andy Lobaugh, who is a Christian student at Gallaudet University. We had a wonderful visit with Andy. We helped him find a home church and he helped us tour Gally and D.C. Out of 1000 students at Gallaudet University, only four go to a Bible study.

Please pray for Andy!

In September Sherry Lococo and Sharon Klingemann Represented EOE at NCCD. We are so thankful that two of our favorite “Show-Me” (Missouri) ladies represented EOE at the National Christian Convention of the Deaf. Sherry Lococo, EOE advisory council member and former EOE co-worker, as well as EOE intern, Sharon Klingemann, represented EOE at an NCCD booth. The NCCD was held September 24-27 while we were at the DeafNation in Edison New Jersey. Sherry teaches at the Missouri School for the Deaf and lives in Fulton Missouri. Sharon attends the Central College of the Bible in Moberly Missouri. So since both of these ladies live fairly close to St. Louis, they were able to represent EOE. We are so thankful to these two ladies who distributed DVDs at this event.

DeSoto Texas – DeSoto Christian Church welcomed us one Sunday morning in mid November. They gave us time to share about the work of Expressions of Emmanuel and some Bible lessons. This was a small group, but their eagerness to learn more and to help us is great! We enjoyed the worship and fellowship time with them. It was wonderful to see Dr. Mark Fish (Dallas Christian College professor) and his wife, and their ministry with this church.