Cal's baptism 2
On June 11t h which is my own baptism anniversary-June 11, 1978), we began conversation with our intern, Cal Westland. He had never been immersed into Christ. We started studying Scriptures about baptism. My new neighbor and friend, Myrna Trubey, called and said that they wanted us to join them the next night for their son, John’s baptism at the lake. We studied with Cal the next day and so both Cal and John were baptized on June 12th. It was a joyous event! We praise God for these decisions for Christ.

James Jones is our deaf friend who lives in Texarkana, Texas. He drives more than three hours each way to come monthly for Bible teaching and Christian fellowship. In the Spring, he came and saw the videotaping of the “Soccer Ball Gospel Message” devotional. He told us that this was the first time that he understood the gospel. When he returned on June 20th, (although I was deeply grieved by the news of my friend’s death that day), we shared the Scriptures with James Jones. He made a decision for Christ and was baptized on the evening of June 20th at the Lake Bonham as well. James reports that there are no Christian Churches where he can attend in his area, only cult groups who sign. This is the challenge for many deaf people. We are glad that James has all of our DVDs and that he can come and share with us. Please pray that more Deaf can have the opportunity to know the love of Christ. We praise the Lord for these baptisms. Steve Hamilton, Stephen Henady, and Jet Trubey were thrilled to baptize these three into Christ. Glory to God! Please pray for these new Christians in the Body of Christ!