“My Precious Sunflower”

My mother was such a precious lady. Her nickname as a child was “Dimples” as she had such a giant smile and dimples. She also told to greet people with a smile because we all need to share God’s love. She loved sunflowers because they reminded her of her times as a child among the sunflowers in the West Virginia mountains. Those were times that she worshipped the Lord. She had lots of troubles in her life, but she trusted the Lord to the day of her death.

See my testimony #25 “My Precious Sunflower” as I tell how Glenda Bland, my mother, overcame her troubles by trusting in Jesus! At the end of the testimony you will see a video tribute! This testimony and other testimonies can be found at the links below.

Among the photos in the tribute (at the end of testimony #25), you will see my mother and two sisters standing beside First Lady Barbara Bush in the White House. They were there because my sister, Elaine, won the Victory Award in 1990 for the State of Oklahoma. My sister was successful because of my mother’s service. My mother taught us to trust in Jesus. We saw God bring us through troubles! My mother would often quote Psalm 121:1-3 and Psalm 103:1. I learned from her that it is always time to praise the Lord! We should praise Him in our sadness and gladness (happy times). We should always praise the Lord! (especially when you see sunflowers!)

Psalm 121:1-3
1I look up to the hills,
but where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.
He will not let you be defeated.
He who guards you never sleeps.

Psalm 103:1
All that I am, praise the Lord;
everything in me, praise his holy name.

Testimony #25 “My Precious Sunflower”:

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