Early in 2006 – I reserved my free tickets to Hawaii for the summer of 2006. My mother, three children, Steven Hamilton, and I made plans. This trip to Hawaii was a time of outreach with the Deaf, as well as a time of LOTS of videotaping of Christian songs and Bible lessons.

When we first planned the trip, Steven Hamilton was only coming as a Brother in Christ to help us videotape. During those months, he asked me to marry him too! So we also made plans for our seven weeks of videotaping in Hawaii to also be a time for a wedding. So my mother had to go and be with us! We already noticed that she was having some memory problems before the trip. When we went to Hawaii, there were lots of Alzheimer’s problems that hit. A short time after the wedding, she had to be hospitalized for the rest of the weeks that we were there. The doctors told us that she had Alzheimer’s dementia. At the end of our mission videotaping and outreaching, we took my mother home to Texas.

After we returned to Texas from Hawaii, my mother lived with us for a couple of years. Then she had to go into the Clyde Cosper Texas State Veterans Home. I went to visit her almost daily when I was not traveling. She stayed in a locked Alzheimer’s Dementia unit. We had to cry out to God in this time of trouble.

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My mother was still so precious to me! Many people forget the older people with memory problems. God does not forget them. They may not be able to remember everything, but they do know love! The older people want people to care! God wants us to show His love. Cry out to God for help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia!

Psalm 5:1-3
1Lord, listen to my words.
Understand my sadness.
Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
because I pray to you.
Lord, every morning you hear my voice.
Every morning, I tell you what I need,
and I wait for your answer.

Continue trusting Jesus!

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