“Learning to Sign”

30 Years ago I was blessed to study sign language at Ozark Christian Collage. My teacher, Faith Dunn, was a precious , caring, encouraging woman. Se passed away in the Joplin tornado. I am so glad that because we are Christians, I will see her again in Heaven! When I learned to sign, I made many Deaf friends who helped teach me sign language. Learning sign language seemed impossible! But God helped me to learn to sign (I continue to learn!).

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Are you learning to sign? You can do it! Are you Deaf and working on learning to do some skill? God can help you! Pray and seek what God wants you to do, and work hard to learn that skill! Always be willing to let God be the one in control of your life. Let Him be the potter and you be the clay. May God lead us! May we follow Him!

Romans 9:20-21
20 You are only human, and human beings have no right to question God. An object should not ask the person who made it, “Why did you make me like this?” 21 The potter can make anything he wants to make. He can use the same clay to make one thing for special use and another thing for daily use.

Develop and use the skills that God gives you! Ask God to help give you opportunities to share His love!

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