Here it is, folks, at last! This blog post represents the long delayed “Get Involved” section on (My apologies that it wasn’t here earlier. -Terry “the web guy”)

How does one get involved in the work being done at Expressions of Emmanuel? There are many ways. Which ones suit your schedule or talents? Which ones does God want you to get involved in?

Here’s a few ideas. Do you have more ideas? Leave a comment!

  • -Pray for the ministry. Pray for our family to have the health, strength, energy and finances to pursue this work. Pray for those we minister to, that they find value and help in this ministry! Pray that they would be receptive to the gospel, that they would accept Jesus as their Saviour and spend eternity in heaven.
  • -Financial support. Your financial gifts make it possible to minister fulltime, rather than during time off from our “day jobs”. Your support helps provide for our travel expenses, our bills, hardware and software used in video work, even the hosting for this website! Is that how God wants to use YOU?
  • -Get to know about this ministry. Check out our website and blog. Call, text or email Steven and/or Vonda & learn what’s new in the ministry. If you see something exciting, share it with a friend!
  • -Ever notice the share buttons at the bottom of each blog post? They make it easy to share that post on social media. See a post you’d like to share, for example, on facebook? Click the facebook share button and follow the prompts. Easy as that, all your facebook friends just saw EoE’s latest blog post.
  • -Check the blog from time to time. Scroll down in the right column to the button marked “select tag”. Select any tag you want, and you’ll be shown all blog posts that are tagged with it. When I publish this post, I’ll tag it “Get Involved”. I’ll also apply that tag to all related new posts. Wanna get involved? Look for the “Get Involved” tag!