Times change, but truth doesn’t change
Fake money can be printed but it is still fake
Truth is not like an icecream sundae where you arrange
The flavours, candies, nuts, and cream you will take.

God in His word has given us what He does expect(require)
With sundaes it is fine to decide and to pick..
But the world say that God’s law is wrong, His truth… they reject
But Satan speaks “Times have… changed, do what you want” TICK TOCK TiCK.

The world thinks there is a factory where you makeup what is true,
But God is the Creator, and he does not follow the passions of me & you.
The Bible says “Wide is way of destruction” , the narrow path, the way to heaven is for the few….
People who will walk with grace, but stlll seek to DO
What God clearly says to me & you.
I love you, but I love God more
When Satan speaks lies, I want to close the door..
I will not listen to the devil, the old lion Roar!
God’s plan is best, it is exciting, it is not a bore.

So when my desires disagree with what God’s word does say,
Then I pray I will choose to not be king, but follow His way! Don’t ask me to tell you that lies are true…
To support lies, would mean I really don’t love you.
I love you, but more important is that God does really care
To obey God is better than giving sacrifices, will you dare..? Decide to do right when the world says do wrong?
Will you love God enough to obey and sing His song?
Will you understand… love is not the accepting of lies?
Will we leave our sins and look up into His (God’s) eyes?
You can see these questions are not only for you
Daily I must decide “What am I going to do?”
I don’t stand quietly and let a young child put their finger in an electric socket!
I must decide to love others, but not collect “OK sins” like pretty rocks in my pocket.
Danger! Danger! We must love others enough to lovingly speak what is true.
I don’t want to lie to myself or lie to you!
I know that the only way to speak truth is to share the Bible, God’s love letter…
When you and I obey, life will be much better!
So please don’t be hurt, when I speak the truth with love..
I just want to see us joined together in heaven up above.
Styles changes, times change… but God’s word does not
Join me to battle for truth, the spiritual battles must be fought.
Truth is not disposable (use a short time & throw away), truth cares and makes His plan and love clear!
Times change, but His truth is the same!