Whenever you sign the American Sign Language word “praise,” you touch your pointer finger (of your dominant hand) to your mouth and then clap upwards, moving two or three times.

There is another way to sign “praise;” you can just do the sign language sign for clapping or applause!  Instead of clapping your hands together, you raise both arms up, wiggling your fingers, to clap for the deaf.  That is so they can see it!

God knows every language.  He is an expert at sign language.  So when you “praise” Him in sign language, you can use either of those signs.

The Bible, God’s Word, teaches us how to live so that we can praise God!  Psalms 86:11-12 says, “Lord, teach me what you want me to do, and I will live by your truth.  Teach me to respect you completely.  Lord, my God, I will praise you with all my heart, and I will honor your name forever.”

Join me as we travel around part of the road to Hana (Maui) and praise the Lord!

Joy Comes In the Mourning!

Scriptures says in Psalms 30:5

“Joy comes in the morning”

And furthermore, sorrow only lasts for the night

But I have felt the lightening sting

Of grief that wants to steal my light

So I propose sorrow should not last for eternity

But allow yourself the tears to mourn for the night!

As you express that pain, then you will see

That joy comes in the mourning

For in the morn’s daylight so bright

You can lay down your grief, your fright

You can relax and stop the fight

As you let your heart’s burdens be light

You can walk in God’s power and might

Take time for grief, gain insight,

Then you can put down your worries and lay down your fright

Joy comes from aligning yourself to Jesus, others, and you!

As you submit to His Lordship, you can on His view

Simply relaxing in His plan, that He wants the best for you!

He will lead you each step of the way, as His promises are true.

So behold grief, behold pain,

The morning brings joy like the rain

So as the sun begins to rise

Look up for joy, open your eyes.