Have you ever felt hungry and not sure what you wanted to eat?  The idea of some foods you normally like even sounded bad?


Have you ever eaten so much junk and wondered why did I eat that bad food?

Yesterday I decided to go off my “normal diet” for a day.  So, I had two muffins, five marshmallows, two graham crackers, a hot dog bun filled with cheese, Cheetos, a piece of steak, a large baked potato, and a bunch of yummy delicious eggs!  Wow!  After eating the Cheetos, hot dog bun with cheese, and five marshmallows I felt sick!  I thought, “That was not smart.  I was celebrating the 4th – but it made me sick!”

I know the importance of doing everything – including eating – in a balanced and wise way.

So, how are you filling your spiritual hunger?  I pray that I fill my heart with Jesus and that His love will show forth!  “You are what you eat.”

See what these birds are eating!

Hunger for Jesus and He will fill you.  When we eat the right things in balance, we normally feel good.  When we follow, obey, and trust Jesus, we will be spiritually satisfied.  When we depend on Jesus – He will fill our hunger!  He is always enough!

Matthew 5:6 says, “Blessed (happy) are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”

Table the Table

Bask in the Banquet


Eyes aglow with festive fancies, I need to have restraint
For if I eat my full and more, my heart, I’d surely faint.
The sight of food, my weakness.  I love to eat, for sure.
Christians always eating – something I must endure!
Thanksgiving and Christmas time to truly honor God.
My gluttony – of celebration – I find it contradictory and rather odd.
Delicacies, dainties – I feel all aglow –
Food – necessary, enjoyable – but often my spiritual foe.
Teach me, Lord, to table the table!
Self-control need not be a fable.
I know with Your help I can be able
To only eat what I need and to table the table!
O Lord, help me enjoy eating in the here and now
But help me, O Lord, not to eat like a cow.
I don’t have seven stomachs to fill.
Help me depend on You, Lord, and You be my thrill!
As I prepare for the feast in eternity
Keep me humble and on bended knee.
I want to bask in the banquet of Heaven.
Keep me away from the Pharisee’s leaven!
Forward looking to the banquet ABOVE
I know Your banner over me is love!
In heaven there will be no lines, no wanting, nothing burnt, and no calories
My food is to do Your will, to be with You, to fall on my knees.
I bask in Your glory, Your presence, and Your identity.
You, O Lord, alone are more than enough to satisfy me.