I just enjoyed Fireworks for the Fourth of July.  While we like those explosions, we don’t want to “explode” with anger!  James 1:19-21 says,

“My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and slow to speak. Do not become angry easily, because anger will not help you live the right kind of life God wants. So put out of your life every evil thing and every kind of wrong. Then in gentleness accept God’s teaching that is planted in your hearts, which can save you.”

Don’t feed your anger!  Don’t be bitter!

Shake it off like water off a duck’s back!


How can you bring people together?
Stop arguments and spread love rather?
How can we bring harmony?
Is it so difficult because you are so different than me?
The way I look at life is as different as different can be!
Gazing at life with a different view
The way my eyes see another perspective, yes, a very different view!
You love me and I love you!
Our colors of artistic influence are certainly a different hue,
Flushes of color, neutral shades blended together, they subdue.
When our varying personalities join in together in song!
The harmony of differences in lovely combination can’t go wrong!
We were not intended to be “cookie cutter,” the same
That is why we have territorial differences, each a different name!
The beauty of togetherness can be a wondrous combination
When embracing one another, brothers and sisters unite across the nation.
Help us balance our personalities
In spite of our gender, age or nationalities,
We need to reduce stress and conflict
Demanding our own way, we must restrict,
Aid us in our quest to be loving and not harsh and strict.
Help us not be demanding and dictating a continuous edict.
Teach me to love, to always impart,
I want to welcome others warmly from my heart.
Today, O Lord, help us live in harmony,
Me loving You and You loving me!