The tears well up, my eyes begin to puff,

My heart cries out, Stop! I’ve had enough!

I’ve allowed myself to grieve, feel my pain, praise and thank the Lord, just deal with stuff,

The journey’s been deep, enriching, heart-wrenching, sweet and rough!

Selah and I were revisiting our pain,

When welled up eyes wanted to leave a teary stain,

We remembered Your promises, O God, and were able to refrain,
Recalling Mama’s character, we were encouraged and asked, What will another tear gain?

That moment called for us to move ahead

And realize that although her earthly body is no more, Mama is not spiritually dead

But advanced to eternal life, she’s just before us, moved ahead.

Whether I be busy in the day or resting on my bed,

I can feel free to either withhold or release a tear to be shed.

My crying truly is for me and me alone

For my loss of a dear mama, at times I do moan.

But when I need to carry on and do God’s work, I can, and not groan.

Feeling your feelings, God does condone

But gaining self-control our character God want to rone

Seeing Mama and our loved ones we will have to postpone!

Why so downcast?  Where is my hope?

The promise of Heaven helps me to cope

Remembering Mama, so kind and so sweet,

A servant of Jesus, she sits at His feet.

Joining Jesus, I know that she is serving her king.

She is yodeling and His praises she does sing.

She’s willing to help prepare eternity, she’ll do anything.

When I’m sad, to this great truth I cling,

She is certainly with Jesus and she’s fluffing the pillows of heaven for me!

See, I have sweetness, but not near in proportion to Mama’s degree.

My kids and I enjoyed her fluffing the pillows, her service of food and drink, her smothering us with blankets while we watched the TV.

Well, now she’s in heaven, helping prepare our eternal home with glee.

I look forward to Mama and Jesus welcoming me.

If there are pillows to fluff, I know my mom will volunteer.

But one thing’s for certain, Mom wants the path clear

For God to lead me through this life, my way to steer

To His mercy seat, to His feet,

And I’ll take a seat.

I’m sure, if there are pillows to share, Mama will gladly hers give,

For now in this moment she wants me to abide, but in God eternally live!

She’s fluffing the pillows for all of us!

Check out the video Selah made of my mother and our journey through Alzheimer’s with her.  Selah won first runner-up with this video in a scholarship competition through the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

My beautiful mother!

She was a beautiful example of always serving the Lord.  Check out this video of the song, “I Will Serve Him.”